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  • LivingInReality

    Good Day....

    I am very interested in hearing from anyone who is on this board that is still going to meetings. I was wondering....

    Since you find yourself on this board with countless people who have left and are telling their personal stories, not to mention exposing that organization for the brainwashing cult that it truly is.... is this helping you to leave and make the final departure?

    Speaking from experience, I think I always knew that I didn't want to be a Witness, but it was going to be a harder journey to leave and you find yourself staying out of convenience, not to mention all of the feellings of doubt, guilt and straightforward fear....but if I may be so bold....why do you keep going? I only ask because I'm really interested...I think it will help me understand why it took so long for me to walk away when ultimately I knew I was going to. But I always wonder why I kept subjecting myself to everything, especially judicial committees. And are you here to find the strength to leave.... or do you think you never will be able to because you feel you have to much to lose?

    Can you imagine? We think that 3 men have the right to take us into a room privately and interrogate us? And we still answer !!!!!! I finally got in trouble because of "sexual misconduct." To this day I will always believe that they ask as many questions as they do so they can go home and whack off to the fantasies that they wish they could be participating in. And how uncomfortable to put women in that position to tell three men what they are doing in bed, or how many times etc. etc. Yes, all questions I was asked...."Gee brothers, I'm up to about 4 times a day..." as if doing it 4 times a day is worse than doing it's still sex isn't it? Perverts!!!! They probably go home and say, "C'mon honey, Sister so-and-so is doing it everyday, why can't you?" ha.

    In the real world, if our employers called us into a room and asked the same kind of questions they would be stuck with one hell of a law suit for sexual harrassment, but yet we still think these guys can behave in the same manner and we have to abide by their "laws" of disclosure. I salute all of you that had your wits about you to tell them to go to hell and not answer to them.

    Anyhow, I think my main point, before I began to talk all of your ears off, was wondering why some of you who seem so convinced that it's not the place to be, still go..... and I only ask out of love, friendship and curiousity...not judgment.

    have a good days everyone.


  • Dune

    I still go because of my family.

    I still live at home and i dont want to leave it to chance whether i'll be thrown out or not.

    I'm planning on fading within this year though.

  • freedomlover

    I haven't gone to meetings for months now, but when I made the break mentally it still took me a few more weeks to physically separate myself from meetings.
    Habit? maybe? It takes the brain and physical body a little while to process such a monumental change. At least it did for me.

    Some on here still go because of family. It's different for everyone, but I do think everyone on boards like this will eventually get to a point where they just CANNOT go any becomes IMPOSSIBLE to sit through the meetings and sing the songs when you know it's all lies and manipulation.

  • Collegegurl

    yea, I still go to meetings because of family and a few friends. I also live at home so, their house their rules. Like Dune, I don't want to be kicked out. I'm not sure how much longer I can stand it though, I was planning on waiting until I graduated from college to totally fade, but I'm not sure I can stand it for that long.

  • merfi

    Hi Shannon,

    To this day I will always believe that they ask as many questions as they do so they can go home and whack off to the fantasies that they wish they could be participating in. And how uncomfortable to put women in that position to tell three men what they are doing in bed, or how many times etc. etc.

    I totally agree with you on this one... I've been in two JC where I've felt like this. When I told them "in the garage..." their pens went down and their eyes bugged. I think they all went home that night to their wives and said "hey baby, let's go out to the garage...." Anyway, yeah, buncha pervs, I think.

    And to your question... :) I go when the kids are home (they're 8, 9 and 12) for now (every other weekend w/ their JW dad). I just DA'd about three weeks ago and haven't been to a meeting since. So far we've had kid conferences on meeting night (darn!), someone has been sick, little guy cut his eye on the radiator so we opted for the ER vs the KH that day. Anyway... they're gone this week for spring break, so I'm on break from meetings still. I really haven't decided how I'm going to handle all this when they get home. First opportunity will be this coming Tues BS. My eldest is 'into' it, yet a very intelligent girl, so I'm trying to figure out the angles to work on her to plant some seeds...

    So like many here, my reason is "family"...

  • serendipity

    Hi living, I still attend sporadically, but have emotionally distanced myself from the org. As a lowly sister, spiritually weak and a single parent, I get no attention anyway. It's not a problem to go to an occasional Sunday meeting. There's some good content and other content that I ignore. I'm still going because of family relationships. Will I ever fade? I don't know.

  • Carmel

    The majority of my work is attending meetings.....oh, those meetings.....sorry, not for over 40 years!


  • Kenneson

    I haven't set foot in a Kingdom Hall since 1966.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    I go for one reason only... my family. My father really believes in this mess, my mother was a die-harder but now she don't give a damm cause she is mentally inbalanced. We go sporadically, we all mainly go to keep this sorry butt new elder "friend" off our back.

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