Celebreties and Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • Roddy


    I heard from JW rumors many years ago that entertainers such as John Denver and Gloria Estefan didn't like JWs very much. I simply accepted the info at the time and moved on. I'm just wondering if any of this is true or is just unsubstantiated babble.

    I'm also curious if any of you know of how other celebreties weighed-in on the subject of JWs either pro or con.


  • New Worldly Translation
    New Worldly Translation

    I used to get told that Bing Crosby hated the JW's and used to chase them of his estate with a shotgun when they tried to witness to him.

    A friend of my mums who was a JW used to be Michael Caine's housekeeper some years ago and he used to ask about her religion but disagreed with pretty much all of it. I've heard him make a few remarks on chat shows that weren't specifically about JW's but given his knowledge of the JW's I think they were pointed that way. One time he mentioned "he couldn't understand why some religious people live their lives as if it was a rehearsal for something else in the future - this is it, make the best of it". He also mentioned he disagreed with forcing your religious views on somebody else and people who did it should find something better to do.

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