Hey Ballistic your avatar is shunning me!

by unclebruce 4 Replies latest jw friends

  • unclebruce

    Can't see it .. you're still a blank space from here lol

  • ballistic

    I call it "White 7 inches by 4 inches". I've produced a whole range of similar works on a theme of varying sizes. I may hold an online auction on ebay at some point if you are interested . This expands on my last theme which was based on >bgcolor="#000000">' but this range is much more thought provoking, don't you think?

  • luna2

    LOL Love the "art", ballistic. Did you get tired of your beachball?

  • Scully


    Can't you tell? It's a picture of a polar bear in a snowstorm!!

  • unclebruce

    LOL!!! Are you having me on or what? ya cyber monkey.

    I plan to post pics of some of my metal art here soon.

    Have you heard of the art terrorism movement? It involves sneaking into a gallery and installing an art work of your own. I know some of the big name artists in Adelaide (a very arty place) and I once helped a mate instal some used aircraft parts in an exhibition. It was so popular the first day that they decided to leave it as part of the catalogue.

    This was a piece placed in a British museum by English Art Terrorist, Banksy (I can't find the associated article damn!) It took officoialls three days to realise it was there (I thought all cavemen had shopping trolley's and stuff?) They rightly reconised it as part of a new momement.

    One of my friends is in strife at the moment for his big winding brown metal work because it has been installed at Bermagui not far from a new sewer treatment plant (The localls are up in arms calling it "the big poo"). Richard is very talented though and makes awesome animal sculptures from tractor parts and the like.

    unclebruce surrounded by artists.

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