AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Number 3

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  • ColdRedRain

    Today, I talked to my mom. My mom said that how my brother doesn't want me to be the best man at his wedding because, according to her words, "I don't respect the institution of marriage nor the creator of marriage, Jehovah God and I might introduce the demons to the wedding ceremony". She based her opinion of me not "respecting the institution of marriage" on me, well, I won't go into it on the board. The other stuff, I can't even explain it.

    Anyways, I'm not hurt because of this crap. Just the opposite, I think it's effin funny.

    CRR of the Religion is just widely accepted schizophrenia class.

  • lola28

    awww, I know you say it does not hurt you but it still sucks that your brother would say something like that, so here is a hug (((CRR)))


  • ColdRedRain

    Actually, to be honest, it does hurt..... My sides. He has a rude awakening after the thrill of "approved sex habits" wears off.

  • candidlynuts

    CRR: "Wedding i'd like to introduce you to Demons, Demons meet Wedding"

    yah i see the humor...still, sorry for the ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

  • lola28

    it is funny, but still kinda sad, I could never treat my sisters like that.


  • whyizit

    Tell your brother not to worry!

    The pagan practices they will take part in at their wedding should cover their protection from demons! Allow me to elaborate:

    1.) If the bride wears a veil---used in other cultures as protection from evil spirits.

    2.) The bridal party---evolved from Roman tradition, in which the bridesmaids and ushers dressed like the bride and groom in order to confuse the evil spirits.

    3.) The wedding ring---another ancient Roman custom. (Which is mentioned in one of the older WTS books, by the way!)

    4.) Wedding cake----in Roman tradition was first offered to the gods, then ate together by the couple.

    Their wedding will be so rooted in pagan idolatry, YOU will be the least of their worries! :0) (Maybe it is best if YOU are not there, in order to protect yourself.)

    In all seriousness, sorry to hear that your brother feels that way. One day he will look back and regret that you weren't a part of his special day. My heart goes out to him as much as it does to you. Poor guy just doesn't know the mistake he's making.

  • EAGLE-1

    I felt demonized on my wedding night.My bride was actually floating over the bed then I realized she still had her pantyhose on.

  • ColdRedRain

    You must have been quite talented.

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