KH construction in Mexico

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    I recently went to mexico for vacation and my sister in law told me that they were constructing a new kh.

    I questioned her on how was it done, and this is what she told me:

    They saved the money for long time, then they sent the money to the WT.

    WT then bought the land and the materials (but everyting is under WT name)

    All brothers and sisters will work for free.

    After everything is completed they still have to pay a "suggested contribution" to the WT for the use of the KH.

    I think the law in mexico recently changed and now the WT can own property that is why they are pretty active building KH's.

    She was a little bit upset because she said that WT spent more money on the KH's for rich areas and for them it was going to be a modest KH.

    When I was living there, WT never built any Halls even thought they were allowed, the only thing was that it would be "federal property".

    I just wanted to share this with you guys.

  • FairMind

    Thnak you for sharing! Seems that the WTS has a pocketbook for a heart.

  • kristyann

    Hahaha, well said, fairmind.

  • greendawn

    So if I understood well the local JWs gathered enough money for the land and materials purchases and the WTS will get the title deed for it. I think that's what they do everywhere.

    And what is the suggested contibution?

  • LDH

    If I'm not mistaken, there was a 'revolt' in Texas some years back when the WBTS wanted some local congregations to give the JW the Trust Deed (on an already paid for property that the locals funded).

    I'm hoping the Brothers and Sisters in Mexico will just get a regular old construction loan from the bank so they can keep control of the KH. I bet the JWs wouldn't allow that, now would they?

    Thanks for sharing this.

  • flag

    Yes, greendawn. The locals saved all the money but everything is going to be under WT name.

    Apparently all congregations were sending the money to the WT and waiting for their turn to have their KH built. But the WT started spending the money first in the richest areas and building better KH's

    Suddenly all the materials cost went up and now they are building more modest halls.

    About the "suggested contribution" I'm assuming is going to be at market price.


    I don't think the mexican brothers will revolt, the blindly believe all what the WT said.

  • Elsewhere

    If anyone wants, I will build a house for you! Just send me $250,000 and I'll build the house for you. When I'm done, you will then have to take on a 30 year mortgage and pay me $250,000 a second time!

    What a steal deal!!!

  • Soapydish

    If they're soooo interested in owning the land, then why don't they wait until after armageddon. That way they can have all the land they want.

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