Anyone have twins?

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  • Hawkeye


    Just wondering if anyone else has twins? I have 14 year-old twins. My daughter's are pretty close, but not like they once were. If I give a compliment to one, the other one feels she needs to bring up something about herself. Is this normal?

    Both my girls have been on the A honor roll every quarter since they began middle school. They are both self-motivated and I never have to tell them to do their school work. It is funny, but school and grades are one area they don't seem too competitive about. All other things though.... watch out!!!

    One of my twins was diagnosed this school year with Obsessive compulsive disorder and depression. She has gotten a little more attention from school, counselors, and us the parents. If you have ideas to share or any help at all, I would appreciate hearing from you!!!


  • Gill

    Hi Hawkeye!

    Yes! We have twin boys, 14 years old.

    They are as different as chalk and cheese but, like yours both want attention and compete for it.

    Being boys they're not averse to punch ups as well!

    One of the lads had generalised anxiety disorder and we saw an excellent psychiatrist who helped him with talking therapy. We still use the phrase, 'what's the worst that can happen' when he gets worried and it seems to help.

    Twins are definitely a different kettle of fish to singletons but they certainly keep you busy.

    The only advise I can give, that works with all children, is give them as much individual attention as you can and treat them as individuals as well.

  • Frog

    not that this helps, but for the record i've got little twin sisters who are 15y/o, but i haven't really known them since they've become teenagers as they're still in the "troof" under my mothers care...

    from what I understand though they're very close, and generally switch roles with who's taking the lead. I worry that they're almost too reliant on eachother now that they're growing up. They're even planning the same careers & study options.

    I think that the best things siblings do for eachother is to offer up a little competition, prepares you for the real world. I wouldn't worry too much about it though, these things have a way of working themselves out in due course.

    All the best with your girls, it's a difficult age for girls in general. frog x

  • Cindyrenee

    My daughter has triplets. The two boys are "identical twins", and the girl just squeezed in there. They are each one unique. Even though the boys are identical, one is quiet and the other is a clown. Complete opposites.

  • MsMcDucket

    Yeah, I have 19-year-old twin girls. The little buggers are shunning me. They have always been close; got baptized on the same day. One was meaner than the other one. Now, I think that they both are mean!


    click on the picture to enlarge it

    One twin is getting reading to get dunked. The other is holding her nose waiting. What's wrong with that dude's butt?

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