scuffle, scuffle~ SPLOOSH!!

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  • damselfly

    My cat is a clumsy fool. She has no sense of balance.

    I'm watching news and hear a commotion in the bathroom. Yup, she fell in the toilet. Came slinking into the livingroom trying to look behind her to see who pushed her!. It took her 15 minutes to lick herself dry. I laughed hysterically and she won't look me in the eye.


  • Chimene

    LOL! my cats are funny like that in the morning, I call them crack kitties, LOL!

    I got an e-mail today of funny cat stunts, it was hysterical! One cat jumped on a fish tank and fell in, hilloarious

  • anewme

    What a cute cat story!

    I dont have any cute cat stories, so I will wait until there is a dog thread.


    Oh wait! I do!

    I rent a little mountain cabin. An old barn cat came with the place. She is an old mouser and she proved it on more than one occasion. So she is great, but we dont let her in. We built her a nice house outside and lined it with all sorts of lovely warm blankets and sweaters so she is cozy.
    I feed her quality kibble several times a day. To make a long story short.....this barn cat is smart and bangs on the door when she wants some food. She bangs sometimes 5-7 times a day! One day I found she was banging for her pals ...two male Toms from nearby ranches!
    And yesterday the Tom banged the screen and ran when I came to the door.

    What is up with that???? Ever heard of one cat feeding the neighborhood? I need some answers or soon all the cats in the canyon will be bangin on my door!


  • misspeaches

    We dont own a cat but there is a neigbourhood cat in our complex. S/he comes around to all the neighbours houses, some feed it some don't. The lady across from us lets it lie on her bed in the winter getting all the nice sunlight. I named it Roger. Whenever we have company Roger comes around to say hello. He is not skittish or anything. He just likes to know what is going on and who is visiting. Sometimes he opens our back screen door by himself and walks on in! We'll be in the lounge room and he just walks in and looks at us and plops himself down for a purry sleep in front of us. Really cute cat.

  • unclebruce

    Yeah well I know what really happened damselfy

    You put some suds in the dunny, shoved the cat in, closed the lid and gave poor puss a cat wash. Hey there's nothing to be ashamed of - we've all done it.

    uncle cat wash


  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    One of my cats likes drinking water out of the toilet so I have to ensure the lid is kept down!

    He also likes chasing anything that moves and attacking anything that doesn't move! His favourite trick when he was young was to throw himself at flies which landed on the neighbours washing - only problem was, once he had attached himself to the washing in an effort to kill said insects, he couldn't retract his claws to let himself back down to the ground and would frequently be found hanging there until someone rescued him.

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