Burning bibles with blood to bring the troops home

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  • hallelujah

    Does anyone think that burning a bible dipped in one's own blood at the appropriate US Government offices would convey the message to bring the troops home?

    I remember when George got elected and he did away with the Constitution and said the Bible is the new rule book. Perhaps he and Tony and John (that's our Big Brother here in Australia), not to mention Condi, need to know that not all of us have fallen for this Yahweh god.

  • ocelot

    I doubt they will consider leaving until the Iran-nuke thing is sorted out, Iraq is to convenient for launching strikes from for them to leave.

  • Kenneson

    Can you imagine the uproar it would cause if it were Korans and photos of the prophet Mohammed that were burned? That should put an end to the war.

  • hallelujah

    Unfortunately the Koran seems to have been based on the Bible, and the Bible is a fraud written largely with Babylonian stories after the exile.

    The Koran stipulates worship of the generic God - called Allah, which is the same as the Hebrew Eloah.

    (Note that while the Watchtower Society recognises this at Arabic language congregations by using the name Allah rather than Jehovah)

    However the Bible worships the Hebrew god Jehovah, which is a partial God. Not only a partial God, but a satanic god.

    Consequently Jehovah worship leads to zionism, and the WTBTS under Charles Taze Russell called for the migration of all Jews to Palestine. This zionist movement led to massacres and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in Palestine and ultimately also in Lebanon by Israel and it's allies - as for example the Sabra and Chatila massacres, not to mention massacres by other Arabs in Jordan and Syria.

    I believe that it is this Yahweh worship which makes US and Israeli foreign policy in the middle-east extremely dangerous. They consider themselves as servants of Yahweh to be deemed worthy by God to have nuclear weapons and to use them to destroy nations in order to maintain that hegemony.

  • jeanniebeanz

    LOL... yeah, that'll learn em!

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