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  • Cabin in the woods
    Cabin in the woods

    How many currently or in the past have worked from home?? How many would like to do this?

    Any ideas that can be shared to make this an even more pleasant work environment? I know for me it would be more interacting with other business owners living the same life style. Sharing of ideas and good company.


  • ferret

    I work out of my home, but not always here working. My office and phone is in my home office but most of contracts are done off sight.

  • ButtLight

    I use to have a site up for debt consolidation, and made good money. But too much competition. I would like to find something else to do from home.

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    I have worked at home for 6 years. Not only being mom to my 2 wonderful sons, but also selling on ebay.

    I also have worked for a reputable company doing transcription at home over the internet.

    It's nice to be with my boys and I haven't missed any of their milestones.

    I have a area in my house where I keep all my work stuff. I wake up early when the boys are sleeping and work, also stay up late.

    I see people more regularly now that my oldest is in school.

    Best Regards,


  • Cabin in the woods
    Cabin in the woods

    I am so glad that each of you answered my letter.

    I am here in Vt and lord knows it is a lovely state but it is best suited to be born in and or to die in. Living is very, very hard to do here esp. pre computer.

    My business is only able to be run thanks to the computer as most towns, cities have minimum large stores or retail opportunities esp. compared to the cities in other states.

    We still have tiny, tiny towns where the post office is in the general store. Very nostalgic and great to visit. but darn it is not the least bit conduscive to growth.

    I have grown kids so that my home is mine and it is relatively quiet so the setting is pretty good.

    The other thing is that I am finding that due to being admonished about higher education for so long I ended up limping away with only a few classes under my belt. I have had to learn a lot of the computer skills by myself which equal many wasted hours of productivity as well.

    Does anyone have any ideas for becoming proficient in a very short time on ad design and brochure write ups?? These things are making me nuts. I know how to make the tri fold brochure but not what to say that will add to the products appeal. You know... REALLY, REALLY make it stand out.

    If anyone would like to chat more on this my email is [email protected]

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