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  • candidlynuts

    i was perusing the official website and was astounded to see that under "humanitarian efforts"

    they havent updated since 9/01/05 about the hurrican relief.

    you would think if they had an organized effort of relief that they would have updated the katrina info by now!

  • under74

    Well....they never made an effort in the first place. In the second place....if they made an effort to help that would just be getting in the middle of Jehovah's work, wouldn't it?

    Everytime I look at that website I'm astounded at something.

  • candidlynuts

    i look at it maybe once every 3 months or so.. its always the same stuff ..maybe moved around a little bit.. but really! the media page ought to be updated more often! cuz i KNOW jw's are in the news a lot more lol i read it here!

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