Extra, unrecorded king(s)...ONLY possible explanation of the facts

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  • AuldSoul

    Mrs. Congeniality gave us this: Easy Math for 586/587, which is a stripped down version of AlleyMom's KISS method.

    The upshot of this reality is that for 607 BC to be correct, a king or kings must have reigned for 20 collective years BEFORE Jehoiachin's exile (a.k.a. Jeconiah) in 597 BC and be missing completely from the record.

    The reason for choosing this date as pivotal is two-fold, (1) the number of years between the exile of Jehoiachin and the destruction of Jerusalem is known and was entirely covered by Nebuchadnezzar's rule, and (2) the time that passed from Jehoiachin's release until the restoration is known.

    Why could not Jehoiachin have been exiled in 617 BC as the WTS asserts? Because, if that were the case, Babylon was destroyed in 559 BC instead of 539 BC. 539 BC is a derived date, and the same pieces of evidence that fix that year also fix 597 BC as the year for Jehoiachin's exile. Therefore the missing 20 years had to come before Jehoiachin's exile, if there ever was 20 missing years of Babylonian rulership.


  • rockhound


    That missing 20 years does seem to be itch that the Watchtower can't seem to get scratched.

    Carl Olof Jonsson in his book The Gentile Times Reconsidered said :

    " People may believe the most peculiar ideas, not because there is any evidence to show that they are true, but because there is little or no evidence to show that they are false. For many centuries people believed that the earth was flat, simply because this view could not easily be tested and falsified..."

    The problem for the society is that all the neo-babylonian kings are linked together with so much evidence. I think that most people have it in their mind that there is in reality, just a fragment of evidence here, and another fragment of evidence there, and the Society knows best, so they just accept that "the earth was flat" and they accept it all without question. For those that do really look into the massive amount of evidence that has been found, their minds open up, and they can see that the Watchtower has painted themselves into a cornner with their chronology.

    I enjoy your posts. Thanks for all your efforts on this subject!!


  • Judc
    (2) the time that passed from Jehoiachin's release until the restoration is known.

    Can you elaborate on this? By restoration do you mean return from exile? I doubt there is a source that directly references this timespan, but if I'm wrong then it would truly be the "smoking gun".

    I'm afraid the "missing" 20 years can only come AFTER Jehoiachin's exile. It couldn't have been before his exile, since his exile began BEFORE the fall of Jerusalem. The fall of Jerusalem occurred in his 11th year of exile (corresponding with Zedekiah's 11th year).

    We know that he was released in his 37th year of exile at the accession of Evil Merodach (Jer 52:31).

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