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  • ajsmama

    I think I did that last post wrong.

    I meant to say that I got mt D'Fd fiance to come to this board. He will probably come in the next day or to and register, most likley, as ajspapi.

    To refresh, i was never part of the org. , he got kicked out cuz of me, we just had a baby, his family is completley not accepting of me or the little guy, I love him DEEPLY and am worried he may want to go back to the JW's to atone with his family, which would completly destroy us.

    I am also worried he has alot of repressed feelings regarding his shunning and family, and dont want these things to come out later in life.

    I know all of you will be welcoming and kind(even if he uses bad grammar too!) And please show him the true nature of this cult so he will hopefully never think about going back!

    Thanks, Christine

  • MerryMagdalene

    ajspapi will be very welcome here. I'm glad he's coming to check things out for himself


  • AudeSapere

    Is he joining JWD?

    If so, cool!

    Welcome ajsdaddy ajspapi !!

    -Aude. (good guesser)

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