Emily Dickenson

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  • cosmic

    My favorite poet is Emily Dickenson, a beautiful sould trapped for and because of love. It doesn't take a great deal of reading of her stuff to feel the "moderninity" of her thought. I would like to hear from whomever ladies decide to contribute what their particular feelings are as to love and being loved might be and what God ( be he(r) Jehovah, Jesus, Bob, Sam, or Augie) might have put into their hearts as to what "love" really is and why it is different from the interpretation(s) of us beer swilling swine.

  • blondie

    I like her a great deal too. I have her complete works right here by my computer and several websites.

    I would have liked to have met her...and imagined that I would meet her in the resurrection when I was a JW.

    I'm nobody! Who are you?
    Are you nobody, too?
    Then there's a pair of us -don't tell!
    They'd banish us, you know.

    How dreary to be somebody!
    How public, like a frog
    To tell your name the livelong day
    To an admiring bog!


  • blondie

    Heart, we will forget him!
    You and I, tonight!
    You may forget the warmth he gave,
    I will forget the light.

    When you have done, pray tell me
    That I my thoughts may dim;
    Haste! lest while you're lagging
    I may remember him!

  • littlerockguy

    Here is my favorite poem by Emily Dickenson

    Remorse -- is Memory -- awake --
    Her Parties all astir --
    A Presence of Departed Acts --
    At window -- and at Door --

    Its Past -- set down before the Soul
    And lighted with a Match --
    Perusal -- to facilitate --
    And help Belief to stretch --

    Remorse is cureless -- the Disease
    Not even God -- can heal --
    For 'tis His institution -- and
    The Adequate of Hell --

    Emily Dickinson

  • slimboyfat

    Never read her - she sounds a bit like Stevie Smith.

  • Slick Willie
    Slick Willie

    This is my favorite poem of Emily Dickinson's. It was used in the movie Sophie's Choice back around 1982. When I started going to college I had the opportunity to read a lot of her stuff. She's quite amazing, isn't she?

    Here it is:

    Ample make this bed.
    Make this bed with awe;
    In it wait till judgment break
    Excellent and fair.

    Be its mattress straight,
    Be its pillow round;
    Let no sunrise' yellow noise
    Interrupt this ground.

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