The truth of love.

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  • cosmic

    One of my most favorite poets is Emily Dickenson. A soul trapped because of and for love. Sorry, if I am a whimp, I aplogize to the Spike channel, but she makes me hard with just words. Not very many ladies I've met over the years have been able to do that. Ladies, tell me/us what you feel that God (be he Jehovah, Jesus, Frank, Bob, or Sam) has put into your DNA/soul that you so wish for upon this earth. You don't know how much softness it is to the harshness of our male ears that it settles upon.


    I hope this helps to put it in perspective:


    How does body odor affect a woman's sexiness? Scientists don't know for sure, but they do know that a man's allure depends in part on how many immune system genes he shares with a potential mate.

    Since it's known that women can detect genetic compatibility by smell--it's not that men can't but that so far no one knows--the onus is on females to sniff out a suitable squire.

    Choosing a genetically compatible partner can be difficult it today's perfume rich postindustrial jungle, and getting your immune system genes profiled can be expensive. Before you run to a doctor for blood work to see whether your mate is a suitable match--and sire for your future children--try listening to your nose. (Unfortunately, the sniff test will only work if you're not taking birth control pills.)

    1. Declare a deception-free day for the nostrils. Have your beau shower with fragrance-free soap and wear clean cotton clothing for a day, away from smokers and the perfumed masses. Be sure you don't have a cold, and that you yourself haven't been around smokers for a few days.

    2. After he spends a day and a night in his cotton clothes, before he tosses them in the direction of the hamper, wrestle them from him and have a "smelldown." Make it a romantic experience. If your man's shirt doesn't offend, you should be safe. (Find the scent alluring or sexy? Even better! That attraction is nature's way of telling you he's a safe contributor to your offspring's genetic ensemble.)

    3. If your man's odor reminds you of your father or of a brother, you may want to consider getting in touch with your doctor and ask about genetic tests before trying to conceive a child. Tell the doctor you're concerned that you may share a close MHC or "HLA" profile. (HLA, for human leukocyte antigen, is a technical tag for human MHC.) Meanwhile, a deceptively pleasing gift of cologne might be in order.

    4. Genetic incompatibility is not the only reason you may find his odor offensive. Does his body scent seem unusually intense? He might have a medical condition that explains the smell. Ask him to bring it up at his next medical checkup. A very sweet scent is sometimes evidence of diabetes or schizophrenia--both of which appear to be heritable. It is wise to discuss these issues with each other, and with a doctor, before having kids.

    5. Before you decide that your relationship stinks, check your mate's diet. A taste for spicy foods or an overindulgence in garlic can cause strong body odors.

    6. If your mate still offends, don't head for the hills just yet. Some clothing detergents can prove to be a bad mix with a fella's scent. Ask that the next time he visits the laundry, he change brands--and give the stinker a second chance!

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  • Poodles

    This is in regards to how a mans body smells!! My boyfriend is very hairy and even when he is not sweating he has a certain smell about him that i just love!! He says it's because he is so hairy! BTY, i love all that hair!!


  • Soapydish

    I am a man and I have always been very attracted to my wife's breath and when she breathes out through her nose. OOOOOOhhhh. It's sooooo goood.

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