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  • cheeseman

    Sorry if this is old hat, but can someone tell me what happened here? I'm especially intrigued by the arsenic aspect of it all. What this means, what happened in this case? Could someone please fill me in?


  • jgnat

    Here's the latest from Shunned Father.


    I am guessing that the "arsenic" treatment had something to do with a quack remedy, possibly laetrile.


  • Odrade

    There is an arsenic derivative that is sometimes used as a last alternative (and sometimes early treatment) for certain types of cancer. It is sometimes used in combination with the drug Gleevec. The Arsenic issue may or may not be a red herring. It has shown great promise for certain forms of myelogenous leukemia... mostly chronic form, but certain types of acute leukemia may also respond. Ms. Hughes refused conventional treatment, it is possible that the doctors were just going to try everything at their disposal, up to and including the somewhat experimental use of arsenic-derived treatments.
    Please do some research about arsenic and cancer. It sounds far more sensational than it is. Many good therapies are developed from extreme poisons.

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