Survey: Are JWs superstitious?

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  • osmosis

    I've often noticed various superstitions in my aunt & uncle. For example, on at least two occasions I remember my aunt talking about blood transfusions and when actually pressed on the matter, she resorts to an argument that is essentially superstitious, something about jesus saying the life force was in the blood or something. And they actually believe that there are demons, so therefore there are certain things you shouldn't touch or look at, like outsider information. This is one of the clever ways they are easily manipulated and kept ignorant by the bOrg.

    Most of these superstitions are tied into the bible somehow, so it seems likely to me that ALL true JWs are roughly equally superstitious.

    Yes? Comments? Experiences?

  • candidlynuts

    if you STEP into another church the demonzzz is gonna getcha!

  • slimboyfat

    JWs are compulsive secondhand shoppers. But they are also terrified in case anything they buy secondhand has a demon.

  • EAGLE-1

    Yes they hate second hand stuff.They are afraid that a second hand object comes with a demon attached .However I have seen them buy used automobiles and the hunters (which are rare) buying used guns.Their retarded logic baffles me.Possessed televisions,toasters,and dolls are a real threat to them.So far no reports of Latin jibberish coming out of the audio system of a car.My rifle sometimes tells me when THEY are at the door...............

  • New Worldly Translation
    New Worldly Translation

    Jw's are incredibly superstitious. They have a morbid fascination with demons, more so than with God even. One of the biggest factors keeping them trapped in the org is the fear of Satan and his demons and the WTS protrayal of the outside demon controlled world as a vicious, unhospitable moral wilderness.

    My family never buy secondhand goods in case a tiny demon is hiding inside. They won't even borrow goods from people in the cong for the same reason! They still beleive tiny demons are hidden in nicotine and when you smoke they fly inside. My gran especially thinks that anyone with any degree of natural talent has a demon controlling them like a puppet master. In fact anything that happens in the world; earthquakes, a murder, getting a flat, stubbing your toe, they think has demonic influence. It's a mentality that belongs in the middle ages with exorcism of sinners and witch burnings.

  • greendawn

    Yes they do have a superstitious mindset especially with their fear of demons even if they are real there is no need to fear them, they can not come out of the invisible to harm humans as the JW seem to believe.

  • garybuss

    Witnesses I know are EXTREMELY superstitious. They believe in gods, big gods, little gods, deemins, ghosts and supernatural manipulation. Not only are they superstitious, they are paranoid superstitious. They believe the superstitions are out to get them. If they are standing at the wrong place with the wrong person a god may kill them.
    If they eat approved food with a unapproved person a god may kill them. If they talk to the wrong person a god may kill them. Jehovah's Witnesses are superstitious to the point of being mentally ill. In fact, if a Jehovah's Witnesses is not superstitious to the point of being mentally ill, they will be shunned by other Jehovah's Witnesses because they believe a god will kill them if they do not shun the non paranoid person.

  • drew sagan
  • Honesty
  • Gill

    Anything could happen if you miss a meeting! You could miss out on Jehober's blessings and anything that goes wrong is BECAUSE YOU MISSED THE MEETING!

    One young JW was fixing his motor bike and it caught fire. This was on a meeting night. HE SHOULD'A BEEN AT THE MEETING! He was told as much by the Elders who visited him in hospital. 'Brother you wouldn't have been in this state if you'd been at the meeting!'

    Car crashes, accidents and illnesses, any kind of mishap you can imagine are blamed on not being at the meetings.

    JWs - The most superstitious people in the world!

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