Do you know people in Rotary, Lion's, other clubs?

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  • wanda

    As many know Lawrence Hughes of Canada keeps pursuing a vigorous lawsuit against the Watchtower Society. At the end is his email.

    I'm hoping Rotary and Lion's clubs and the like will be told by some of you of his call for financial help to continue, and you can remind them that they may not now have children or grandchildren who are JWs or in JW households, but in the future it could happen.

    His battle has the potential for saving the lives of many children and also adults.

    [email protected]

  • rekless

    I was sponsored into the Elks lodge in Fairfiels , Ca. soon as I DA from JWs in 2000, but it was even worst than the borg,if you can believe that, so I quite. Hell, $70.00 a year to eat all the crab you wanted once a year wasn't worth it. Bunch of BS all these clubs even though they do good for society. It had all the different class systems. Just MHO Dan

  • LDH

    I am a big fan of Rotary clubs. My husband has belonged for years. And even though the average age of the members is my age plus 40 I have met some of the nicest people in the world.

    Each Rotary club functions independently. They will hear requests for grants, usually the Endowment Foundation. However, what they are usually looking for is an opportunity to put their name in the community as a service organization, not take sides on legal issues. For instance, school or safety projects, etc.

    This one may be tough.

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