Tell your coworkers you're no longer a witness?

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  • Dune

    Well, when i first started working at my current place of employement, I was (still am) a witness. I went through a whole year of having to explain OVER and OVER why i didnt vote, why i didnt celebrate birthdays, thanksgivings, Christmas and why i couldnt take part in lotteries and all the rest of that crap.

    I'm two years into the job and now it doesnt present a "problem" anymore. But now that i'm leaving(the religion), I'm not sure i could continue to keep acting like i dont want to take part in all of those things anymore, however, i also dont want to look like a hypocrite. I never prostelyized and i made it perfectly clear from the start that i had my beliefs but would not be putting down anyone elses OR discussing religion with them.

    Has anyone else gone through a similar situation with their coworkers?

  • collegegirl21

    I've never gone through something like this. Ever since I had a job I always hid the fact that I was one of Jehovahs Witnesses until it was necessary for me to say something. I'm sorry hon, wish I could help!

  • blondie

    Question: do you want to be outed to the JWs in your life?


    Question: is there any chance that a co-worker could accidentally spill the beans?


    Then tell those at work that might wonder why you now sign a BD card or contribute for a gift, or go to the holiday brunch for the office, etc.

    if Yes,

    Then, don't say anything and try to get a new job and don't tell anybody there you ever were a JW.


  • teela(2)

    I have a suggestion, here in New Zealand on your birthday you "shout" that is supply morning or afternoon tea for co workers. If you do this for your birthday, they will be pleased with the "shout" and just accept that things have changed for the better.

  • GoingGoingGone

    I don't have the same situation at work, since I work from home, but I live in a neighborhood where everyone knows that we are JWs. I'd love to tell them that I'm not anymore if the opportunity presents itself in conversation, but I've been hesitant to - not sure why though! It would be nice to be viewed as a normal person for once, not as one of those crazy JW door-knockers. (The JWs LOVE going in service in this neighborhood, so everyone knows the JW field service thing firsthand around here.)

    But then I'd have to explain why I still can't celebrate Christmas and other holidays openly, which is too complicated.... nah, I think I'll wait!


  • itsallgoodnow

    Yeah, I went through that sort of. I started a job and on my first day this girl asked why she didn't know me from the youth group at church that most people of my nationality belong to. My first day - yay! But I was serious about it and really did want to be a good JW. I worked there about 4 years and by the end of it, I didn't care if I celebrated holidays, birthdays, went drinking with work friends etc. If people said something about it, I just said, "yeah, my family is more involved than me, I'm just not that into it anymore". That seemed to be enough for them. At that point, I guess I knew something wasn't right about the religion, just didn't know what yet. I was beginning to not be able to go through the motions anymore.

    Then when I got a new job I didn't say a word about it to anybody. But these things can catch up to you eventually. There's a friend at my new job who is really great friends with someone from my old job who knows everything. Oh, well. As long as the JWs don't find out what I'm doing yet, that's all that matters right now. And someday, that won't matter, either.

  • PoppyR

    I have been through this!! And have found the majority of people are thrilled you are no longer a witness! I started quietly by saying I was having serious doubts, I wasn't attending anymore etc, then I celebrated my birthday and my co-workers made a HUGE deal out of it being my 1st even bought me a 1st birthday cake, it was lovely. I talked honestly and frankly about wondering how I believed those things but it was so intense it was hard to get out etc.

    I wouldn't worry. I do sometimes consider blondies point.. that someone may call on one of your colleauges and they say.. oh so and so used to be a witness now she's celebrating christmas.. and you could be Dfed.. However, I think life is too short to run around hiding and I just take the chance.

    Poppy xx

  • misspeaches

    My experience is like Poppy's. I've had my colleagues genuinally happy and excited for me that I am prepared to embark on life beyond the boundaries of a high control religon. Those colleagues who were there when I began my fade are now my best friends almost 3 years on...

  • greendawn

    I never had to face such a situation because of the long time that I was inactive but I can't see any real problem in your situation, you just have to explain that previously you really believed that the JWs were the genuine but then you came upon a lot of info that proved otherwise.

    This happens all the time in society where ppl move from one ideology to another. Nothing unusual.

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