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  • TheListener

    If as many here suggest TJ is the boss and with Schroeder's death has the capability of getting a 2/3 vote on key issues that come before the GB then......

    What issues is he likely to press?

    Perhaps someone here who is friends with Ray Franz could find out what issues or changes TJ was particularly interested in that haven't occurred.

    For example, was TJ in favor of adding or taking away one meeting a week? Is he happy with the current Theocratic Ministry School arrangement? etc.

    Ray Franz mentions TJ in his books several times. It's apparent that he is a hardliner. Perhaps there are changes mentioned in Ray's books that TJ hadn't been able to implement yet. A detailed review of Ray's books may produce some of the future changes to the WTS.

    Just a thought.

  • sir82

    Wasn't Schroeder pretty much in a semi-vegetative state for the past few years? I seem to recall posters saying that he wasn't even able to carry on a conversation.

    So I would imagine that he was incapable of voting on anything, and it went into the record as "abstained" or something like that. I imagine the same is done for Barber, who at 100+ years old is probably not capable of sitting in a meeting and paying attention for more than 30 seconds.

    Being appointed to the GB is a lifetime tenured position, unless you commit the unforgivable sin of getting caught indulging in your private sexual fantasies or growing a backbone and standing up for what is right.

    So, unless there are new additions to replace Schroeder and Barber (when the time comes), my guess is that the balance of power won't shift just yet.

  • garybuss

    I think a group that teaches it's faithful to shun their mothers can't get ANY meaner. It seems to me it won't make much difference what new rules the Watch Tower Society comes up with, the Witness people aren't buying their religious teachings and the Witness people aren't following guidelines and directions, like the instructions to stay off the Internet and stay out of college.

    The Witness people are finding their brains and they are using them. The molded, compliant, obedient, whipped Witness is actually becoming a thing of the past. These people are voting with their pocketbooks and they are voting with their feet.

  • TheListener

    I think the two new members, whose names escape me, will tip the balance in TJ's favor. 2/3s is a high majority to achieve.

    Reading AuldSoul's topic earlier though made me realize that TJ can in fact reach 2/3s.

    This may mean that the rest of the organization will become as strict as the service department. For several years now I've been hearing about a rift and power struggle between the service department and the writing department.

    The writing department says something is ok or not ok and the service department writes a letter to the COs or elders clarifying the position.

    The service department may rule supreme. If so, I wonder what changes are likely?

  • greendawn

    I also don't think that the WTS will change direction, whatever happens there will always be hardliners having the upper hand, the history and nature of this org is such that if it attempts to change drastically it will fall to pieces. In addition there may be other powers influencing internal politics that we don't know of, eg who are the shareholders of this corporation?

  • Mary

    Wasn't Schroeder pretty much in a semi-vegetative state for the past few years? is that different than the rest of the Governing Body members?

  • Gregor
    Wasn't Schroeder pretty much in a semi-vegetative state for the past few years?

    No, I believe he did eat fish and chicken fairly regularly.

  • seahart

    Does any one know if Schroeder was being cared for by the "Doctors" that were taking care of Milosevic?

  • serendipity

    Hi seahart, welcome to the forum! Interesting first post.

  • uninformed

    Go Gary,

    Good Post!

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