PLEASE BELIEVE ME - There IS life outside the BORG

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  • berylblue

    This is a loving message to any who may be wondering if the WTBTS is the "true" religion and if Jehovah is going to kill them at Armegeddon if they leave -

    EVERYONE believes his or her religion is the "true" one. It does not mean that it is. I used the JW line of reasoning on my fiance one night, stating, "Well, someone has to be right."

    He blew my mind when he stated, "Actually, they can all be wrong."

    Every devout Muslim, Hindu, Jew, Catholic....etc. belives he or she is 100 percent RIGHT - and everyone else is 100 percent wrong. Gues what? They can ALL be 100 percent wrong. So can the atheists. So can the Wiccans.

    That there is a God can never be proven. What CAN be proven is that the way to a satisfying life lies not in adhering to a certain religious creed, but in adhering to one's conscience. If it feels wrong, it probably is.

    I was a "worst case scenario". I truly believed that, ANY DAY NOW, Jehovah was going to kill me The distress and turmoil lay in the "why"??
    WHY would Jehovah kill someone for smoking who had routinely, and from the heart, helped the poor, needy and sick?

    That's some f-ed up logic.

    SMOKING = DF offense

    NOT HELPING NEEDY = OK as long as you don't SMOKE

    My advice to newbies:

    Question, question, question. Then question some more.

    As a JW, I had many questions, but I was always told to "wait on Jehovah".

    Thank GOD I am not waiting any more because, as far as I know, no answers have been forthcoming.

    I have to close now, but I want to help.

    I WANT to help.

    If any of you feel you need to talk to someone who has been there, who was waiting for Jehovah to kill her, and is not only still ALIVE, but flourising, please PM me and I'll give you my email.

    You do NOT have to live like this.

  • candidlynuts

    great post!

    i found it so hard to wait on jehovah when i was constantly harrassed to DO MORE!!

    pray more!

    turn in more time!

    read more!

    turn in more time!

    answer more!

    turn in more time!

    obey your husband more!

    turn in more time!

    contribute more!


    gawd life IS happier now!

  • daniel-p

    Yes, very nice post beryl, thank you.

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