Special Colporteur Bulletin from Winter 1928

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  • Dogpatch

    Special Colporteur Bulletin from Winter 1928
    (with somewhat racist comments)


    This is a very interesting bulletin that reveals how much the Watchtower was a sales corporation and how the colporteurs (full-time traveling "pioneers") were to follow Rutherford's suggestions on how to get the last dime out of the householder. These guys were like fuller brush salesmen, only much more aggressive! Especially read pages 9-11, which reveals their tactics, and talks about trading chickens, etc. for literature and how to keep perishables in the car, etc. On the latter part of page 9, it also contains this message:

    "All the colporteurs recommend that the colored people not be overlooked. On this point the brother last quoted has a few very valuable suggestions.
    " 'If I find colored people in my work, I canvass them as they come. I usually inquire of them on the subject of employment. They are not the best territory, by any means, and some colporteurs who sell well skip the colored people as a rule. Inquiry as to employment will reveal that the colored people have employment somewhere the whole year round.' "

    Check it out, it's a hoot!


  • JW_Researcher

    Thank you for posting this.

    I'm assuming page 6 was destroyed or for some reason unable to be posted?

    Thanks again. I'll read it tonight

  • DannyHaszard

    Good read,i posted excerpts at my blog-Danny

  • ozziepost

    Truly a Bible-basedâ„¢ organisation!

    Thanks, Randy.

  • MerryMagdalene

    Too strange! What a read. Thanks for posting.

    But something is happening to me...seriously...

    I find myself filled with a burning desire to get reinstated just so I can start going door-to-door, calling myself a colporteur, and saying, as the bulletin suggested, "I represent Judge Rutherford of New York..."

    How cool would that be!?!


  • Zapper_1
    The more I read about JWs, the more disgusted I get! Thanks for a great post, Randy.

  • metatron

    During the 1970's, various bigwigs from Bethel went on an inspection tour of South Africa. In the report they told to the Bethel family,

    they observed that the "white" and "black" congregations were doing very well. However, there was trouble in the "colored" South

    African congregations, with fornication and the like. ( This was during apartheid)

    The rest of the day, various brothers of African-American descent were kidding each other in the factory, as to which of them

    was ( righteously) black and who was "colored". It was funny.


  • Fleur

    Good grief, Randy, when I saw that font I had a full-blown Service Meeting flashback! How many years did they use it! Sheesh. Same eyestraining stuff I remember trying to get through reading The Kingdom Ministry (no, sorry, "Our" Kingdom Ministry...no, wait...they sure seemed to change that a lot, the "our" and "the" LOL) without a headache the first 25 years of my life (I never seemed to succeed LOL)

    thanks for that! I think that very few people today really realize the true origins of the 'conversion'...er...sales methods used by this 'religion'.

    much love,


    (of the gee whiz, man, my punctuation abilities stink before coffee, class.)

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