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  • cheeseman

    It's been a while now since the dubs made their last visit. I was living in another town at the time. On that occasion I destroyed them on the basis of archaeology, paleontology and other sciences. They came back with the dub they thought was most scientifically clued up but all he could say was "Do you know who Michael Behe is?" Please! I chased them off my property and even gave them some of Satan's material to read.

    This time was different. The first thing the older lady said was "Do you ever wonder about the state of the world today?"

    OMG, talk about depressing! I was all set to do my usual, blast them with their shonky science, when she said, "Do you think things are worse nowadays in the world compared to how they used to be?". I thought about this and I thought about the rant I wanted to give, and what happened was I exhaled very deeply and said in a very cool voice "No, I think things are just fine". I smiled warmly and said I had no desire to take it further and they left. Woo hoo!!! It was so liberating not to get dragged into some stupid debate where they won't see facts. When I was looking them in the eye I just knew they were going to toe the party line and defend the WTS at all costs no matter what, so what's the point?

    This was a milestone for me. I can take a debate or I can leave it, whereas before I had to take it. Like getting goaded by the guy who says "Whatsa matter? Chicken?" I didn't rise to the bait and I felt REALLY GOOD knowing they were wrong but not having to tell them.

    I should ignore them more often!!!

  • KW13

    good on ya

  • general

    Yeah theres onething the dubs are taught at the service meeting...NEVER ARGUE WITH THE HOUSEHOLDER...."They are there to argue with the householder but the purpose of the preaching work is to find ones receptive to the message."

    I guess it never occurred to the dubs that most people are not automatically receptive to the message and in order to make them receptive they must persuade their householders that they have the "best" thing on earth to make them receptive...Doesn' t that take arguement??

    Oh well...typical dubs...asking leading questions...that are supposed to invoke obvious responses...

  • Virgochik

    Ohmigod, that's the same tired line we used to use at the doors twenty years ago, lol!

    If they said the world was just fine, we were absolutely stumped! "Uh, uh, well have a good day", we'd stammer.

    We couldn't sell the product if they wouldn't bite the bait.

  • Hawkeye

    Yeah theres onething the dubs are taught at the service meeting...NEVER ARGUE WITH THE HOUSEHOLDER

    Maybe our Elderette Tripp from Marshfield, Wisconsin congregation should review her notes on this subject!!!

    A householder stuck up for one of our recent DF'd and elderette started screaming at the householder!!!!


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