SPECIFICALLY: Why Did They Quit Using The Pink Song Book?

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  • whyizit

    I recently aquired an old pink WT song book (copyright 1966). I remember reading that the WTS went to a tan one and destroyed most of the pink ones, because the pink ones had too many of the old beliefs within it.

    Does anyone know SPECIFICALLY which songs went along with the old beliefs, how the belief was changed, and when?

  • blondie

    Officially and unofficially the WTS did not order the pink ones to be destroyed. They still have them in the Bethel libraries and many KH libraries and many rank and file libraries.

    1. The WTS always revamps a book to get more money (1984 still charging publishers for books).

    2. Some songs were probably not copyrighted.

    3. Some songs probably needed to have doctrine "clarified."

    I think there has already been a thread on this (or two). Are you looking for a specific reason?

  • whyizit

    I just wondered which of the songs were in conflict with current beliefs. Without having to read through every single one of them, and not really knowing what some of the former beliefs were. It could be minor observances. I just wanted to take note of them.

  • daniel-p

    I think it was the one song, I think #43, about bowing to the cross, drinking Jesus' blood, the 3 vaults of the pyramid of Giza... something like that.

  • stillajwexelder

    I think a few were written by those dam poztates - a key reason why Insight came out to replace Aid

  • ballistic
    2. Some songs were probably not copyrighted.

    I heard it was the opposite, some of the songs were actually "borrowed" from songs which they didn't own the copyright to.

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