Scientists regrow optic nerve

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  • metatron


    this could be huge. I had a close friend who was confined to a wheel chair after an accident and things like this give me

    hope, amidst memories of him.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    very interesting

    I can see how this could be used to restore a function that was lost such as any acquired condition.

    I also noticed the tests were done on mice that had acquired a nerve condition and not those born with or had a condition shortly after birth.

    In cases like those where the brain would be structured without the vision gaining sight would be terribly confusing. I had a friend who went blind within 6 months after his birth. His brain never developed the pathways to include vision. He knew of some cases where people had the damage reversed. In a case, like this repairing the nerve damage suddenly gaining access to the vision became extremely confusing. The brain had no way to interpret the new information provided by the optic nerve.

    But I can certainly understand how many other kinds of acquired nerve damage could be repaired if the repair was done shortly after an injury

  • metatron

    This is a bit off topic but the stuff you've brought up once appeared in a commentary on why one of Jesus' miracles really happened.

    Here's how it goes: Jesus once healed a blind man. He asked the blind man what he saw. The blind man replied that he saw men

    but they appeared to be like trees but were walking about. Jesus then completed the blind man's healing.

    People who suddenly gain sight get confused because they have trouble interpreting what they are seeing. The blind man got his

    sight restored but was forced to interpret what he was seeing. Being blind, he could still hug a tree truck and feel its branches,

    so he related that to what he perceived, except that, being moving, he must be seeing people! Jesus then healed his mental

    ability to "see".

    It's an interesting argument.


  • anewme

    Yes there is alot of new info that if nerve damage is corrected right away there is more hope of recovery.
    Spinal chord injury is one of these.
    A friend of mine broke his neck but received no attention to it and was just immobilized. That was the treatment for it back in the early 80s.

    Now, doctors know to inject powerful steriods into the site of injury to reduce swelling and blood clotting and to improve circulation around the damaged nerves. Slowly there may be a return of movement and feeling.
    The damage from many serious spinal injuries have been minimized in the last few years by this quick involvement with steroids.

    Cool about the optic nerve renewal!


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