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  • osmosis

    I've been working on my aunt. Although of her and my dad, she's the one fully indoctrinated, yet somehow I feel she is more receptive than my dad. dad's a more "bah humbug" kind of guy, neither here nor there on anything that really matters. And any opinion he does have is generally negative. One thing good about JWs, they're always willing to talk calmly about their views. And when they're not doing door-to-door they're not so pushy.

    One thing that I've been having trouble overcoming is the discrepancy between the attitudes of people on here and the story I get from my aunt. Both seem at least internally consistent, but they conflict with each other. But then I realized, my aunt was a JW since before she was born, she has completely internalized every central tenet of being a JW and knows nothing else. She has never come into comflict with any of the rules of the watchtower or the group. She can't possibly fathom the means by which she may be controlled.

    How could I reconcile this..

    I read that post about the group of sisters being broken up and I was taking a piss (not at the same time, silly) when an idea struck me: an experiment, the result of which will be experienced (or not) by my aunt herself. And if I correctly predict the outcome, I am a prophet of jehovah and I get to tell her what to think, not them.

    Here's the experiment: she will form a small, independent bible study group. no watchtowers allowed, no men allowed, just her, a few sisters, a bottle of wine, some bibles and maybe (horror of horrors) some music. She will not advertise this to anyone not invited, nor will she attempt to hide the fact. This will continue once a week for several concurrent weeks, at least long enough for the elders to find out. She will tell noone involved that this is an experiment, merely a cool idea she had.

    predicted outcome: the elders will intervene.

    What do y'all think of this? I think it's a stroke of genius, but it's too soon to break my arm patting myself on the back.

  • damselfly

    Do you think your aunt will go along with it? If so keep us updated.


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