Dancing With The Ex-JW Stars

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  • PopeOfEruke

    Anyone watching Dancing With The Stars on Channel z in Oz?
    Did you all realise Kate Langbroek is an ex-JW from Brisbane. Now that explains why she can't dance.
    Kate, please login to the forum and say a quick hello to all your ex-JW's fans!

    Kate Langbroek - Biography

    Born to a Dutch father and an American mother, Katherine Elizabeth Wilhelmina Beuving Langbroek had a strict Jehovah's Witness' upbringing in Queensland and at missionaries in New Guinea. She socialised only within the family, never celebrating birthdays or Christmas. Kate finally left the religious group in her late teens, to the horror of her parents. Ostracised, she started building a new life in Brisbane, studying - Journalism at the Queensland University of Technology. She left Brisbane for Melbourne to pursue drama and studied at the Victorian College of the Arts. Kate worked mainly in theatre but also on TV shows Neighbours, Chances and feature film Father. Her writing credits include; TV Shows Medivac, Neighbours, Shark Bay, All Together Now, and The Col'n Carpenter Show and regular columns for the Melbourne City Weekly and Sunday Age.

    Kate then fell into radio, and ended up co-presenting 3RRR's The Breakfasters for five years - where she was spotted by the Working Dog team who were about to launch a panel based talk show on Network Ten.

    Kate first appeared on The Panel in 1998, instantly creating controversy about her hair, fashion and opinions. She has appeared regularly on the program ever since.

    Since 2001, Kate has co-hosted Melbourne's top-rating weekday NovaFM 100 breaky show Hughesy, Kate and Dave with Dave O'Neil & Dave Hughes. She has also co-hosted the tonight show The Big Schmooze on thecomedychannel with Matthew Hardy and Dave O'Neil. Kate first bared her breasts on national TV in a topless scene as Severity de Sade on the adult soapie Chances in 1991 but it went largely unnoticed. However, discreetly breastfeeding her crying baby son in a Melbourne restaurant in September 2003, made newspaper headlines. Close friends of Kate credit her sheltered religious upbringing for her childlike excitement of life.

    Kate and husband Peter Lewis, have a two-year-old son Lewis, and an eight-month-old daughter Sunday.

  • misspeaches

    Ha! I knew she was an ex-JW because I used to live in Brisbane too. But I didn't realise she was on dancing with the stars this season.

    Wouldn't it be great if she would post here. How cool.

    She used to create so much controversy in the JW ranks when she would make a remark about them on the Panel.

  • PopeOfEruke

    I just sent an Email to Kate via the Nova FM website and invited her over to the forum.


  • misspeaches

    OMG... that is so cool! Love your work popey!!!

  • unclebruce

    I just read an article about Kate in womens weekly (hey I got a haircut ok)

    In the article she enthuses that at last she can dance. She 'got the big D' and often touches on how strict her JW upbringing was.I think the boys on "The Panel" (channel 10) give her a great hearinmgh. She is a bit fluffy headed on some aspects though .. maybe I should kidnap her to my compound for some intensive de-programming. Oh and I might just gently suck on those lovely dimples while your here darling

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