The hospital and Tort of Misrepresentation

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  • moanzy

    Today I phoned our hospital to make arrangements to deliver the new booklet by Kerri Louderback-Wood. I spoke with someone from administration about how the witnesses have been misinformed about blood and that I felt the medical staff should be aware of this.

    I was told that they have to provide medical care for a wide variety of religions and beliefs and must not take a side. So I asked them if they were aware of the Bethany Hughes case in Calgary and that the doctors involved with her care are being sued.

    You should have heared the change in attitude and voice coming through the line. All of a sudden she was quite interested, gave me the appropriate name to contact at the hospital and was looking forward to seeing it.

    Now my question so that this booklet doesn't get thrown in a pile somewhere. I want to attache a note that may grab the attention of the person this book is sent to. What should I write?

    I was thinking of just putting the Bethany Hughes case in it since Calgary is not too far from us- They would be very aware of this. Our town is a small city and most times doesn't deal with these types of issues, but I want people to know what is wrong with the whole JW blood theory.

    I also have 2 friends who have had some association with JW that are willing to give out 2 booklets, but of course they are going to do the anti-witness thing with the JW they know first. Then hand them out to the annoying JW that comes to their door and won't take NO for an answer.


  • concerned mama
    concerned mama

    Your best bet would be to send it to the Medical Director of the hospital. Send it with a cover letter indicating why you are sending it, perhaps with a reference to:

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