Just bought my first Xmas ornament!

by mkr32208 6 Replies latest jw friends

  • mkr32208

    I wanted to start earlier for Xmas and Halloween this year (is March early? ) So me and the kids went on eBay to get TWO ornaments (I figure if I get a few a month we'll be ready come December (or is it November? October maybe?...) So anyway I really like some of the "high end" Disney ornaments. So I figured eBay would be the place to go! So I let the kids pick one they liked the 25th anniversary one from Disney world which has meaning because we were there for that so thats cool and then I got the official Disney ornament from 1975 the year that my wife and I were both born! In the original BOX!

    How cool! I love being worldly!

  • Ellie

    March is a little early but atleast you will be fully stocked up ready for the festive season, only 9 months to go, ho ho ho.

  • Legolas
    How cool! I love being worldly!

    LOL ...Merry Xmas!

  • willyloman

    Good for you. And not a moment too soon!

  • greendawn

    It is very early for Xmas but I can understand your feelings of joy connected with celebrating Xmas it's because you can once more feel part of the world and participate in it on equal terms. The world is what you make of it and its golden abundance.

  • Finally-Free
    I wanted to start earlier for Xmas and Halloween this year (is March early? )

    Great. You're going to be one of those nauseating people who is always ready for every holiday. My neighbour is like that, and she still has her Christmas lights on every night.


  • mkr32208

    Yep! I'm an electrican and the first thing I did when my wife finally said she left is put switch plugs all over the eaves!


    Plus its my birthday next week and for the first time ever I'm getting presents! My wife is going shopping for me tomorrow!

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