Univeral sovernty

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  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    I was reading a thread about how the universe with its billions of galaxies and stars, is basically on hold while we wait for this lil issue of universal sovernty to be solved. Then I got to thinking, even if armegedon came this year and wiped satan out...we still have to wait on his appeal.

    When you think about it the thousand year reign is essentially satan sitting on death row waiting while his lawyers work out and exhaust his appeal options. Here is a question for the deep thinkers out there. How long do you think the appeal case will last? The crimes he commited against Jehovah's sovernty was allowed to last some 6,000 years according to WT$ teaching. If satan has been allowed this much time to initially prove his point about human rule, how much time will be givin him on the appeal?

  • darth frosty
  • IP_SEC
    allowed this much time to initially prove

    The first case was with job, he appealed but then jebus hit the stand on earth.

    He is now out of appeals with the two witness rule.

  • M.J.

    This whole JW story of universal sovereignty is kind of the Robin Hood story when King Richard, the rightful king went off to the crusades and in his absence the power vacuum was filled by Prince John. Thus Richard wasn't truly sovereign until he returned and took back England. So the WTS is really saying that Jehovah isn't universally sovereign, and hasn't been for pretty much all of human history, but it's his right, doggone it. The WTS god is much smaller in stature to the God I know.

  • Black Man
    Black Man

    Good thread! It's something Satan gets to 'appeal' his sentence, but what about those billions who will supposedly be slaughtered at Armageddon? Seems like a warped sense of justice.

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