Lawsuit Against Watchtower Society

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  • wanda

    I just got this from Lawrence Hughes who is pursuing a vigorous lawsuit against the Watchtower Society. At the end is his address to which you can mail donations as well as information for the internet's Pay Pal method, whichever you may prefer. As an idea that has come to me, those of you who attend churches or groups such as Rotary and Lion's clubs can tell those of the situation and ask interested persons to donate for the cause. Remind them that they may not now have children or grandchildren who are JWs or in JW households but in the future it could happen. His battle has the potential for saving the lives of many children and also adults. He wrote the following which some of you already know but others still do not:

    [email protected]

    Hi Wanda, Please pass it on to those persons who may want to help. Thanks for your help.

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