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  • undercover

    Anyone watch the first episode of Big Love that follows right after the Soprano's on HBO last night?

    It's about a Mormon family, husband, 3 wives and several kids. They own three houses together with a common backyard. The family is well-to-do with the husband owning a successful home improvement retail business.

    The first 10-15 minutes weren't that promising, just showing them juggling careers, affections, kids, etc., but when they introduced family back at the "compound" and the "prophet" it suddenly got very interesting. See, this isn't your normal Mormon family. They are part of one of the off-shoot sects of Mormonism that still practices polygamy. Most of the members live in backwood compounds in poverty.

    It is also revealed that the church, or the prophet, owns an interest in the succesful man's business. Harry Dean Stanton plays the prophet and he is creepy.

    Bill's family(brother, mother, father) back at the compound are obviously under cult control. While Bill and his family have broken free of the day to day influence of the cult and they try to be forward thinking free minded individuals, it is apparent that the cult and the prophet still have some hold on them.

    I especially enjoyed the scene where Bill's daughter said that her parents are sorta too busy for all the church functions and activities. Her friend just looks at her and says, "Oh, you mean they're inactive".

    This is going to be an interesting show to watch. This could be a good show to provoke discussion or debate between JW and ex/non-JW mates.

    I'm looking forward to next week's episode of this show as much as I am the Soprano's.

  • carla

    Would a current jw household have HBO? With all that 'immoral' programming? In my house at the moment we are lucky to watch a sitcom or anything 'non educational'. But we win sometimes, and then there's always Tuesday's and Thursday's! Don't get me wrong I don't mind the History channel or Discovery or things along those lines but sometimes you just need some fluff or humor.

  • undercover

    a shameless btt post...

    Didn't anyone else watch this show? I thought that there might be a little bit of a buzz about it since it's dealing with a religion that we can at least relate to a little bit though not fully understanding their beliefs or practices.

    I'm hoping that they explore the whole cult attitude of the compound, the prophet and how the main character is reluctant to let go of that mentality.

  • candidlynuts

    i watched it....

    found it funny when the prophet and the other elder cornered him in the parking lot and demanded their cut in his other stores... he said legally he just owed them 15% of the original store..

    prophet says " well theres mans law and theres gods law, and you know which side i'm on"

    i yelled at the tv!! " YEAH your on whichever side gets you that 15%!! "

    end scene cracked me up.. poor guy takes viagra and finally gets wood and all his wives are too tired to give him any LOL

  • Princess

    I watched it. Great show, will definitely watch the series however, I found it very depressing. That is such a sad way to live. The man is the only one who benefits, the women live with hurt and jealousy every day. The end notes said there are over 40,000 people in the US living in Polygamy.

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