Interesting comment at WT study, by the conductor---about the numbers

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  • ?me?

    at the WT study the conductor brought up an interesting point about the figures in the chart. i was mulling over them and saw it about halfway through the study. he pointed out that here in the USA the number of baptised was about 29k, however the average pushishers increased only 2.5k. needless to say the same is going on in almost all the countries that are somewhat high in jw's and or major countries (us, canada, england,japan, etc). so either alot are not going door to door, or alot are getting dfed or just plain ol' leaving.

  • jgnat

    Yes, and don't forget a certain percentage die every year. The ancient worthies are passing away, and the generation replacing them do not have the same loyalty.

  • Gill

    jgnat - Is 'loyalty' the correct word, or could it be replaced by something else such as, 'vulnerability' or 'are not so easy to con' or 'just not as 'gullible'?

    The numbers ARE falling. I believe that they are already another work of WTBTS fiction.

  • La Capra
    La Capra

    It also means that the bulk of the baptized are children raised in the cult. They have been turning in time since the second they were able to blurt "Jehovah" into the microphone at the Sunday WT study. Their baptisms would not result in an increase in publishers, like when converts enter the cult. They usually start turning in time within the same few months as getting baptized.

    Then, when many of the kids who don't get baptized get to their teen years, they stop turning in time and drift off. This accounts for the low publisher increase as well.


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