Remember Dunblane - 13 03 96

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  • jambon1

    Today many parents & family members of those poor children are remembering what happened in Dunblane, Scotland on March 13th 1996.

    16 children & their teacher killed.


  • dozy

    Many Scottish witnesses know the family from Stirling congregation whose child was shot and very badly injured in this hideous crime (the article was published in the Awake). You can only imagine what all the parents who lost their children have gone through.

  • Gill

    We should remember ALL of those sixteen children, their teacher who died, and their classmates who will probably never foget.....

    I remember coming home from taking my twins to pre school that day and putting on the radio and hearing about a shooting...three children taken by helicopter to hospital. As the day went on the true story and real tragedy became clearer. Not many parents felt comfortable about taking their children to school for a long time.

    Then, all the locks and security came into play at schools all over the UK.

    That day changed school life forever in this country.

  • greendawn

    It was an inexplicable act of lunacy in just three minutes a madman killed 15 little children and caused great misery in 15 families. Imagine if you are a parent and one day you hear your child got killed at school by a psychopath.

  • Sad emo
  • Clam

    Yes that event is well and truly planted in my memory. I've got a son now who is in year 1 and 5 years old - the same age as those children who were murdered.

  • jambon1

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