The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth???

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  • prophecor

    Is this a new phenomenon, or have there always been those of you in the truth, who don't really believe everything the Politburo in Brooklyn says, and stay basically because of your families and friends? We were never really encouraged to seek out friendships outside of the Kingdom Hall, even on the inside we were cautioned against those of our brothers and sisters.

    You know who you are!!!

    If it is you're still in, then why? How do you cope, splitting off from between your life in the Kingdom Hall and what you really know to be the truth regarding the WTB&TS?

  • serendipity

    Hi prophy,

    Yes, I think there were also those who just hung on so they don't lose their friends and family. They couldn't openly discuss their feelings and that's why we didn't know about it.

    I attend only 2-3 meeting a month. Though I still believe many of the basic doctrines, I only skim the pubs so that I can about it with my JW relatives should the topic arise. I haven't my energies or loyalties to the org, and didn't ever totally buy into it because I have a distrust of institutions. So I'm able to hang around the fringes. Frankly, I have a tougher time coping at work with cognitive dissonance, primarily because I spend more time at work, hence I hear the corporate brainwash messages more and see no action to support the messages.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    I think it has to do with what I call the shawshank principle. I'm sure many have seen the movie shawshank redemtion. In this movie we hear of someone who has been in jail so long he looks to its bars for protection and comfort, he becomes institutionalized. I think this can happen with many witnesses. you can see that its not the truth both in what they teach and how they treat their own. But, because of the fact that this is a religion that while confining and lying to them all those years, they still look to it for protection and comfort.

  • prophecor

    Darth Frosty & Serendipity, Hello. Thanks for sharing your perspectives as I've always been naive regarding the "Truth". Not thinking their were major issues unresolved in peoples lives within the KH. They all looked so happy, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why I was not. Now that I'm outside the box, the whole thing is rather creepy. Being a Witness is unlike any other mind changing, thought processing, socially crippled society. It gives me the chills how much control I allowed the bOrganisation to have influence over my life, in and without of the Hall.

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