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  • Sparkplug

    Today I watched a wedding. I always have a slight bit of saddness as I watch people the weddings I go to. I think it is because I see all these relatives hugging and dancing, laughing and even arguing sometimes. It is the actual family and all the workings of it that I miss. Not that I ever really had it, but I do miss out (at least in my mind) by not having my older family around.

    Usually I am pretty happy and build my own family out of people I let into my life, but every once in a while, I just get so sad. One would think I would be a little left out watching all this romance flying around. That really for the most part does not upset me, but when I see the dad and daughter dance...well it always tears me up. I am not sure if any of you experience this at weddings, holidays, special events, but I can tell you it sucks.

    Or especially when the older family members have been married for years. When they dance together it shows as they move together in perfect timing. I love to see couples dance that have lasted in love. I always thought that would be me. Well seeing that is not the case, you would think I would toughen up some and stop getting teary eyes when I am working.

  • whyamihere

    I understand how you are feeling.......

    Some of my favorite memories were at my family, and friends weddings. I miss that family togetherness, even if it was fighting, and bickering with my relatives. It was always better than cable. More like a Sophisticated Jerry Springer show.


  • Sparkplug
    More like a Sophisticated Jerry Springer show.

    Right. Haha! I know that feeling too. You know Brooke, I have a very large family and a lot of relatives by marriagealso. So how is it that all the JW side does not talk to each other really, and the non JW side never gets in the same room together. The last time I saw most of us in the same room was twenty years ago. It is truly a sad thing. There are seven kids in our family, and so many extended relatives...Nobody gets together. Either it is religion, or lifestyles, or paths chosen...but they all stay separate from each other.

    I think it should be a rule that if you are told fairy tales as (all kids are)...there should be an explaination put in the story that kids that do not have family do not get big weddings.

    I know when I divorced, the hardest part was loosing the holidays with the relatives. I still get calls from them, and I am invited to go and stay at any time, but at Holidays, I have to work around when "HE" is going to be there, so that I do not cause needless stress to anyone. I really liked that aspect of my marriage. I could not believe that there were always 40-60 relatives in the same house and all were having a good time. Four generations. It is truly an amazing thing to see.

  • damselfly

    I don't go to many weddings but I understand about the loss of family feeling.

    The first time I met my boyfriends family it was at Easter, big dinner, family from all other, grandma that lived next door. All laughing and talking and being so supportive of each others life paths. It was beautiful and I had to keep on going to the bathroom to cry. I hadn't thought I had missed my family all that much until I smack in the middle of somone elses.

    I love old couples that have been together forever. I saw a man and his wife a few weeks ago in a store, he looked so happy that I smiled at him, he stopped to chat ( I love that about seniors~they'll talk to anyone! ) he and his wife had been together over 30 years and he just wanted me to know that he thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world. Isn't that great? He made my day.


  • Sparkplug
    he and his wife had been together over 30 years and he just wanted me to know that he thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world. Isn't that great? He made my day.

    Deep sigh...(trying not to be jealous.)

    That is so damn sweet. Chokes a person up.

  • Es

    I totally understand. Father of the Bride was on tv yesterday i was in tears, I would have loved a wedding like that. A wedding where the parents actually go.

    There loss


  • Sparkplug
    A wedding where the parents actually go.

    Oh, Es...I still love ya!

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