Any news on the so-called documentary, "Knocking"

by Madame Quixote 3 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    We should do our own "knockumentary." Last I heard, it was being shown at some relatively unknown film fest. That's a far cry from Sundance, now isn't it?

  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    Oops. Somehow, editing caused a double post. See below.

  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    You can vote 1 (awful) through 10 for this so-called documentary, "Knocking," at IMDb:

    They're waiting for 5 or more votes to post it on their daily thingy.

    It takes about a minute or 2 to register at IMDb, but if you do, you can comment and vote (pro or con on Knocking).

    Go see and guess how I voted, heh heh.

  • Junction-Guy

    Has anyone seen this yet?? It has already played in a couple of cities. If not I guess I will have to wait for Jourles review.


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