Sunpar's Words - March 11, 2006

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    Sunpar's Words - March 11, 2006

    Sometimes when doubt and anxiety come up, or even severe panic attacks.... take a breath.... look at what is happening within you. Your physical being is "letting go" of some form of fear. Try to identify it. The fear is leaving you and the comfort zone that you've shared and lived in with this fear is also leaving.

    Fear is energy, just a form of energy. It has levels to it that must be worked on and moved through. Even Einstein said, "The significant problems we face today cannot be solved at the same level we were at when we created them." Fear does not go away instantaneously - it's a process. There are seven basic levels to work through when working through fear. They are:

    1. Paralysis - You don't know where to start. You feel that even if you do start that you will start in the wrong place, so you do nothing. But, you move on…

    1. Inefficiency - You feel it's a waste of time trying or you feel that you will do all of the right things wrong anyway. But, you move on…

    1. Catastrophizing - You always see things getting worse, not better. You always conjure up worse-case scenarios instead of positive things coming into your life. But, you move on…

    1. Holding On - You are afraid to move out of your comfort zone. You still want to take all of your "old tools" with you even though they are broken. You feel that even though they are broken that you must have something to fall back on just in case going forward doesn't work. But, you move on…

    1. Self-Doubt. - This is most often the biggy. Self-doubt is the fear of "why even bother?" You tell yourself that you won't make it anyway. If you do make it, you will have done it wrong. You fear being criticized, laughed at and most of all this is where you most often begin to realize that you are fearful of yourself. You fear that there's just no hope for you for change. This is a big-time stuck place to be. But, you move on…

    1. Normalcy. - As you have progressed now through the first five steps, you are feeling that you are doing pretty good. Then comes the realization of being different. What if your change causes you to be noticed? What if you are laughed at or rejected? What if what you are changing rocks your basic childhood tradition? Or any tradition for that matter? What if you go out on a limb and it doesn't work? What if after all of your effort you fail in reaching your set goal? Oh my! And what of the unexpected things that you cannot possibly plan for? Will you get hurt? Just how fearful are you of how you put yourself out there, of how you will expose yourself? How could you possibly be this vulnerable? But, you move on…

    1. Disbelief. - You have nothing to compare this change to - it is totally an unknown for you. You fear that it is too large to even try or even believe that you could accomplish it. You fear that if you are not successful that there will be no one there to pick up the pieces after you've tried. Or better yet, who will be there for you after you've been successful and have made the change? Who will be your support group? What if you totally fail? What if you totally fall on your face? Will this be the point of no return for you? Do you feel that you might as well die because you will never come back alive after attempting this change? But, you move on…

    Disbelief is pretty much "the sum of all fears." If you can get through disbelief, you are well on your way to mending that bridge you allowed to be torn down or burned a long time ago. This bridge represents you. You allowed you to be cut off from your authentic self. Now as you work through the fear of "self", your return to self represents working through the process of fear to rebuild your intimate self, your bridge, so that you have a way back home to you, your authentic Self.

    Fear is the energy that is experienced when moving through any kind of transition. Your physical being is "moving" big time right now.

    This lifetime is the whole of all previous lifetimes.... Dear ones, this lifetime is the resurrection that is spoken of. This is the whole of you.

    Experience this lifetime. With all of your experience, you are able to have real compassion for others because you have come through these experiences yourself, either in this lifetime or in a past one. You are fully aware in this lifetime. Listen to what you are saying inside. Trust yourself. Choose you.

    The meaning of dharma is to be responsible for one's self. And yes, the way to do this is to constantly balance the whole of you all of the time. Understand that your soul knows - it is teaching your body - your body reacts to emotions. Ancestry karma is past, is gone. However, everyday karma is totally in your control. It's all about balance. A new understanding sets you free of karma because it is this awareness that you exist in now. You are aware that there is no "good or bad," that all is energy. Only when the energy is labeled do you bring on instant karma for yourself. A sort of reminder that there is no karma, yet there is and you just created it.

    We are very electric these days! Energy is electric. We are "feeling" our electricity more now than ever. This is what old time spirituality is all about - just how electric are you feeling these days? Just how alive are you?

    Some will not grow if they believe they are still controlled by ancestry karma. However, they still live in a lifetime where all of the past karma is being disconnected. This is the lifetime of unveiling - the time period of Apocalypse, a term very familiar to most. It's part of the "working through the fear." The fear is actually the string that has kept so many of us connected. I hand to all of you now scissors to cut this string. Be free. Allow the scissors to represent your truth and allow your truth to cut the string of fear and set you free.

    To move through the fire without getting burned is the goal of Being. This is the final disconnect - almost feeling like real death. When you walk through the fire without burning, you have cleansed yourself of the fear that had controlled you, not only in this lifetime, but lifetimes past. Now, you understand that you do not have to suffer anymore. And the next time you 'feel' that there is fire to move through, you remind yourself of this experience and instead of moving through the fire you are now able to jump over it!

    Oh! There's a hell of a lot of traffic to move through. But.... when you realize that all of that traffic is representative of some fear within you, you begin to welcome it 'home' with open arms. The 'angels of darkness' are moving into us and through us. They have only been given that name because we did not understand them until we came closer to our authentic selves and accepted them within as 'part of us!'

    Take what is good for you; take what resonates with you. Combine it with what you already know. These are your unique puzzle pieces. And when you acquire all of the puzzle pieces, you will be able to disconnect from religious entities. Because what you have now is 'your truth'. That's what it's all about, discovering your own intimate truth which no one can ever again take away from you. That's what the "have a little faith in me" is all about.

    The song by Joe Crocker "Have a Little Faith in Me" is beautiful. What a natural thing to do... to have a little faith in yourself! You are the doctor of your own being. Just have faith that you can become the being, the authentic being that you are right now in this moment.

    In many ways, we are each other. In Lac'ech is Mayan for, "I am another yourself."

    We find ourselves connecting the dots as we re-wire our mentalities!

    What else is there to do but "connect the dots" when there is no more fear. Watch us grow. Watch us catapult into the age that was spoken of as Christ Consciousness. We can now own this consciousness ourselves. We do not even have to give it away to Christ.

    For those who listen/follow Jesus, remember it was he who said we would be able to do as he did and even more than him. Now get out there and do it!

    That's what its all about, a re-write. Our pre-life agreement has come to fruition. It is now in our hands to write our life in every moment.

    Work with your own energy and experience what it's like when you disconnect the fear and allow things to flow.

    Watch how the change can be instantaneous!

    Go now! And, have a little faith in yourSelf!


    © Sunpar 3-11-06

  • MerryMagdalene
  • TuningFork


    Thank you.


  • TuningFork

    I, believe me, I understand now and I can offer forgiveness to the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society for the disfunction that was caused within my family and many families across the world with the same type of energy as when our very own Jesus said,

    Matthew 22:37-40 (New International Version)

    New International Version (NIV)

    Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society

    37 Jesus replied: " 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' [a] 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' [b] 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments."


    What a cruel way to understand but natures or God's way of correcting the most basic of things in order for all of mankind to be able to come to the level of soul.

    If anyone would like to know my story, please feel free.

    For now, this has definitely been a WAKE UP CALL, be it as cruel as it was, IT WAS NECESSARY for the survival of mankind.

    With all my love and compassion,

    TuningFork, AKA Sunpar ~AHA!

    Look for my new and deeper messages.

    Be well and please be gentle.

    No one should have to ever have to experience what I just experienced.

    The TRUTH will PREVAIL and those who HURT us will pay - most probably ..... well, I just don't know.

    I put down my sword.

    Please move on.

  • TuningFork

    Thanks, but no thanks to the offer of "Enter Here."

    I have no plans as of now to enter any organized area - for they most often alienate others of different truths.

    Move on as you choose.

    No one will be left behind - passed over maybe - but left behind no. Everyone will come to their OWN TRUTH through living experientially in their own time ALL OVER THE WORLD!

    All peoples, all colors, all faiths. See the overlay of yourself in another and allow everyone to COME AS THEY ARE. NO changes are necessary unless you want to change yourself.

    There are no saviours but the saviour that is you. Save Yourself now and play a good game - at least play the best you can all the time.

    Be Yourself.


  • TuningFork

    The God you speak of is none other than the ALL of you at soul level. Soul level consciousness is like seeing things for the first time right-side up. Remember, to see through our physical eyes, it is projecting through the lens of the eyes that makes everything look like we are standing upright. Change that in your consciousness and you begin to see simultaneously forwards and backwards at the same time or up and down at the same time or you JUST PLAIN SEE FOR THE FIRST TIME THE WHOLE OF THE SCENE - for the opposites cancel each other out and what you've got is the REAL GOD YOU - both soul and human. Try not to cling to anything because as soon as you do, it will change. The only way to manipulate yourself so that change does not occur fast and furious is to let go as fast as you can. Then change occurs but it is so subtle that it will not throw you off balance. So, pick up those hints, those messages, those sacred texts but drop them as soon as you can by incorporating and continuing to incorporate the YOU into them. Expand them and the change that occurs within you will only be seen in hindsight. Rest in them and then you will see change right in your face. Sometimes we have to do this. And this is okay too.

    Soul plus Human (equals the God that is YOU).


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Though I am glad you are here. I have no idea what you just said.


  • TuningFork

    Jeff, that's okay. A lot of people don't understand what I say. I just put it out there. Perhaps someday you will remember these words and they will mean something for you. If not, that's okay too.

    Thanks for being you.

    Sunpar (a twice removed JW from the 70's)

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Luke 17: 20-21:

    20 Once, having been asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, Jesus replied, "The kingdom of God does not come with your careful observation, 21 nor will people say, 'Here it is,' or 'There it is,' because the kingdom of God is within [ b ] you."
  • TuningFork

    sad emo,

    Yes it is.

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