Why do people at the top have to be hypocrites to force others from being..

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  • DavidChristopher


    Kinda like a guy on the throne beating down anyone who dares to try to approach him. Yet everyone WANTS to be a hypocrite like him. IMO

    Is the idea of "success" discouraging others from being ambitious and intelligent like him?

    I am really confused on this one.

    can I get some fresh thoughts on this concept?

  • DavidChristopher

    what about this? To be God would be like climbing back into your mother? Is that what we want?

    can I get some kind of respose on this forum anymore?

    Do you guys have any opinions of your own you can share?

    Little help please.?

  • Elsewhere

    Legal entities, such as corporations and religions, will sometimes reach a level of power and responsibility inwhich it will be faced with a moral decisions that will determine whether or not the entity will continue to grow or will be destroyed or severely hindered in its activities.

    Typically the leaders in such entities choose the path that leads to more growth.

  • blondie

    David, I think if you gave an example, experience or illustration of what you are saying, you might get more of a response. First, not all people at the top are necessarily hypocrites, nor are all people at the bottom necessarily not hypocrites. Vague hypothetical questions are hard to comment on.


  • DavidChristopher

    death penalty.

    The ones implementing the punishment must break the law to inforce it. Therefore they cannot be bound by the law. They can make it as they go and add to it to easily fix a problem.

    Again they are hypocrites for breaking the law to inforce it. And everyone wants the power to be hypocrites as well..it is seen as a different word "power/hypocrisy" Now everyone want to be hypocrites like the current authorities. Do you see what I mean?

    ambition/trying to attain being a hypocrite?

    Big problem with our Law besides the fact they make them to restrict a few bad people, yet everyone gets restricted too. For our "protection" from a few bad apples.

    Next point. It takes thousands of dollars to pay for many opinions to make a judgement of that action as right or wrong. Not to mention the time. What if everyone was more capable of making clear concise fair judgments of wrong and right? Would that be a positive or negative?

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