Tiny Tim's daughter

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  • GentlyFeral

    Well, well. When I was reading this topic, I clicked on the embedded page and somehow found myself at deathclock.com, where I found this. (The on-topic bit is at the end, where it recounts his funeral.)

    gently feral

  • kristyann

    Big surprise that a weirdy like that had a JW for a kid...

  • TresHappy

    www.findadeath.com is a great website. I've been going there for years to read this guy's experiences of living in LA and being obsessed with the deaths of celebrities. When they tear down LA landmarks, he goes and gets pieces of rubble. When they were tearing down the house that Sharon Tate was killed in a few years ago, he stole some of the brick from the original fireplace. Reading his website is hilarious. He's used to be the boyfriend of Graham Norton.

    Here's Tiny's daughter with her new daughter...she sort of looks like him but thank God she looks like her Mom. Her kids are adorable!

    Tiny's daughter Tulip and her new baby Zharia

  • luna2

    I remember him getting married to Miss Vicki. I was 13 and thought he as about the creepiest guy ever. Couldn't imagine why this girl would want to marry such a strange man. Its amazing to me he found three women that would marry him...I guess celebrity has its perks.

  • juni

    Yeah. I remember Miss Vicki and Tim saying their "I do's" on the Johnny Carson Show. Boy does that age me.

  • HappyDad

    Don't feel bad Juni,

    I remember it too!


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