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    Mailing information to active JWs works though elders try hard to discourage it by saying from the platform that it is a waste of time by those who are former JWs to send literature to grassroot members.

    They do so hoping those who would send it or do send will overhear it and quit. It's just an estimate but my observation is that maybe one in ten quit but about 50% are effected in the sense that they stop donating as much money and spend less time banging doors, instead focusing more time on helping their families, resting etc.

    Some of those will also eventually quit altogether, so overall the effect may be that 25-30% will quit, many of the others not outright quit but quit also in the sense of decreasing support and do so either immediately or later.


    I find two of the best things to inform about are the pedophile policy and the secret working with the U.N. as an NGO and still yet though not as formally. It's also handy to point to some of the scripture misteachings. I like to wrap up with something such as "Please pass along and/or leave about copies of this to help others." Keep it 100% factual. Sending copies of newspaper clippings or references to those is good. Many also like to use postcards.


    Send it to non-elders especially younger JWs as they will give it to one or both of the parents who will in turn pass it on to elders. In that way many eyes will see the information.


    If an active JW then you quietly find out where other JWs live then mail to them. If not an active JW but formerly so you may remember names or even have an old address/phonebook. If the book is old then you can look in a recent phonebook for the people's names which also usually includes an address and phone number. Too, many libraries have city directories.

    Often active JWs live in houses on or near the block where a Kingdom Hall is, and also people who live in those houses who aren't JWs get more frequent visits and so may pass along whatever they get to those JWs who come knocking, so you can also especially send informative material to houses close to Kingdom Halls.


    The sooner you send it the better. Any time is good. Realize though that as soon as you do elders may start warning other active JWs to throw it away so it's good to send a whole bunch of informative letters out at the same time to active JWs in one or multiple congregation. Next wait a while, maybe months or a year or two then resend perhaps in a different size or color of envelope.

    Now.... please add your own tips below to encourage this worthy effort:

  • Honesty

    If you only remember the names and general area where active dubs live the following website can help you get their correct address:
    I always send postcards that make a quick statement:

    Are you aware that the WTBTS does not prohibit blood transfusions in Bulgaria due to an agreement they made with that government and the European Commission of Human Rights?

    Ask the Service Dept. about the WTBTS and the UN affiliation that was kept secret for almost 10 years: 718-560-5000

    Examine authentic WTBTS publications online:

    Ask the WTBTS how much a luxury condo is going for at the 360 Furman St. complex: 718-560-500

    You are aware that Jesus is not your mediator according to WTBTS literature, aren't you? Search the WTLibrary cd - (mediator).

  • greendawn

    The WTS after promising you a paradise in the very near future for many decades they have since 1995 postponed it indefinitely even though they do not like to admit this. The last generation could be centuries long according to the new definition. That means you had false expectations for a very long time.

    How can you be a Christian when you can not be part of the New Covenent? Where do you really belong?

  • Severus

    Ready to mail: WATCHTOWER MONEY

  • Mary

    "Did you know that the Governing Body has known for over 30 years that Jerusalem was not destroyed in 607 BCE, but in 586 BCE? Did you know that thousands of brothers and sisters in Malawi were raped, tortured and murdered because they were not allowed to carry a Party Card, even though most members of the Governing Body voted to allow them to purchase such a card? Did you know that members of the Governing Body have openly expressed doubts about 1914? Ever wonder what those at Bethel might be hiding that they don't want you to know about?

    To find out more information log onto:

  • Dogpatch

    This is taken from my tract "Opening the Closed Mind" at:

    These first three questions establish a foundation of common sense perceptions about the Bible and Christianity, which are generally denied by cults. This is especially true with Jehovah's Witnesses. Often they will answer yes to these questions anyway, to save face or avoid embarrassment. If so, you will need to direct their attention back to their answers when they "deny" them later. GB references are to our book, Thus Saith Jehovah's Witnesses, 2002 edition.

    Do you believe that the Bible was written to all people?

    (Acts 17:30; 1 Cor. 1:2)

    Do you believe that true Christians have always existed somewhere in the last 2000 years?

    (Matt. 28:19,20 The Watchtower teaches this, but cannot actually point to a single group or person as evidence of this, since no one in history believed as they do.)

    Do you believe that anyone, anywhere, who just had a Bible, and no other literature, could understand it and be saved?

    ("No" answer reveals that they believe the Bible is not enough, but a leader or organization is needed; "Yes" answer is contradictory to Watchtower teaching. GB 52, 53, 163, 164)

    Next, a statement about the dangers of various religious organizations should be made, such as, "Today more than ever before there are many religious groups which lead people astray from true Christianity. Let's see if we can agree on certain identifying marks of such groups." Then proceed with the following objective questions. It is better to leave the questions "third person" (or hypothetically apply them to yourself) rather than applying them directly to the person you are speaking with, or his organization. Instead of saying, "Does your organization...?" you might say, "What if an organization...?" or "What if I...?" That way you avoid getting their defenses up. They will have to apply it to themselves soon enough in the conversation, or you can draw the connection later yourself. Get them to see the point before it hurts! (2 Sam. 12:1-14)

    Do you think a person should examine not only the teachings, but also the history of any religious organization before deciding it is the truth?

    (A history of deception and unfulfilled prophecies is most incriminating!)

    What if I joined one of these groups and later discovered fraud at the top of the organization, or that they have altered their teachings or prophecies? Should I stay in it?

    (Most cults have had serious scandals and shakeups involving fraud and politics at top levels. Since they claim to be God's only true people, their claim would be highly suspect.)

    Both Deuteronomy 18:20-22 and Matt. 24:11,23-27 warn us of false prophets. How would one identify a false prophet using these verses?

    (They speak in the name of God and it doesn't come true!)

    What would you think if members of a certain religion were not allowed to read other religious literature?

    (Shows authoritarian rule and fear of the facts, as well as an inability to use discernment. Witnesses are not allowed to read other religious literature.)

    The Mormons claim that one must study their books to attain to an accurate knowledge of the Scriptures, even though they also use the Bible. What do you think of that? (All cults believe this, as their leader is the sole interpreter of Scripture same is true with Witnesses.)

    If I were examining the Mormons, etc., do you think it would be a good idea to read books by ex-members?

    (A difficult question for the cult member to answer, as it is self -incriminating if they say yes or no. If they say, "no," show how easy it would be to get sucked into a cult that you haven't fully examined. If they say, "Yes," then ask them why they haven't read books by ex-members of their group.)

    What if all dissent from a religion is seen as evidence of pride or sin?

    (Cults are authoritarian by nature and will excommunicate members for any breach of policy or disobedience to the organization. GB 175)

    What if this religion is not open to public criticism? What if they do not allow for public debate?

    (Reveals just how scholarly their doctrinal foundation is, as well as their appeal to reason.)


  • Dogpatch


    Questions to Provoke Thought

    These are questions that cause the cultist to see the inconsistency of their position on certain issues. What you are doing is making them commit to a Biblical or scholastic precedent, then allowing them to see that the Watchtower actually denies that precedent. They will either struggle with the contradiction (though not displaying the struggle visibly) or they will shut their minds off to further discussion on the issue by either trying to change the subject or running away. Rather than being third person objective questions, or applying them generally or hypothetically, you are now applying it to the Watchtower specifically. Since the organization is the real culprit rather than the individual Witness, apply the questions to the organization, not "Jehovah's Witnesses." This will help avoid the feeling that they are being personally attacked.

    Can the Bible be interpreted correctly only by the Watchtower?

    (Acts 17:11; 1 John 2:26,27 "Yes" answer contradicts Scripture, "No" answer contradicts Watchtower GB 166, 167, 171)

    What method does the Watchtower use to interpret Scripture?

    They say that they just accept it literally, and interpret symbolic passages by other passages that bear on the discussion; Reasoning, p. 204, 205. Yet they break this rule continually, often opting for a "symbolic" understanding of something that they cannot accept literally due to their preconceived theology. Example: John 3:3,5,7; Matt. 24:26-30; John 1:1; Rev. 1:7.

    Scholars talk about the historical, grammatical, interpretive method of understanding what the Bible says. (Explain.) Do you think this is a good method?

    (Defined as taking into account the historical and cultural meaning of a saying or word and its linguistic significance in order to interpret it correctly. The Watchtower ignores the historical significance of countless passages and interpret the Bible arbitrarily. Example: Luke 16:16-31 and John 10:16.)

    Do prominent scholars, either secular or religious, support the Watchtower interpretations of Scripture?

    (The scholarly community as a whole is against Watchtower interpretation, both from the Christian and agnostic sectors, due to their dishonest methods and theological bias. While the Watchtower loves to quote scholars on certain points, it is almost always a half-truth or is taken out of context to support their position. At times they will quote from obscure sources which they present as being noteworthy sources, yet are not even recognized in their field as authorities. GB 133-145)

    Does the Watchtower believe all other "Christian" groups are false?

    (Yes, they do. GB 163, 165, 170; Matt. 7:3; 25:31-46)

    Does a person have to be part of the Watchtower organization to be saved?

    ("Yes" answer cannot be supported by Scripture (Mark 9:37-41). "No" answer contradicts the Watchtower. GB 52, 53, 163, 164)

    What does the Watchtower consider as proof that they are the real Christians? Are these marks exclusive to the Watchtower, or are they shared by other religions? (examine each one individually)

    (They will give certain standards based on outward appearance rather than heart factors; their "love" is not unconditional love (Matt. 5:43-48), but is dependent upon obedience to the organization; they substitute friendship based on common doctrinal positions for friendship based on the love of Christ. Challenge the "exclusiveness" of each mark by comparing with other cults.)

    Review and apply questions from the first section (Common Sense Questions) to the Watchtower now. You are causing them to think about how the WT denies these basic truths.

    Force Them to Face the Facts

    If you make it this far, you have caused no little disturbance in the mind of the Witness, though he/she may not show it visibly. It is important to be calm and kind above all. You are forcing them to break down the wall they have erected in their mind that protects them from questioning the authority and security of their "mother." The following questions are designed to force them to face the fact that the organization has claimed to be a prophet "like Ezekiel and Jeremiah"; that they have made false prophecies in the name of Jehovah over and over; that they are a relatively new religion that supports itself primarily through distribution of literature; and that they claim to be the only channel or mediator to God. If they deny the truthfulness of any of this, challenge them to investigate the Watchtower material along with you, so that you can see the light as well. If they defend the Watchtower position, review the former questions once more, so that they will at least see that they are no different than any other cult.

    Does the organization or leadership claim to be a prophet of God?

    (They have plainly said they are a prophet of God just like Ezekiel and Jeremiah. Compare Deut. 18:20-22. GB 58, 59, 61)

    Does the leadership claim special direction from God that others cannot receive directly from God?

    (They claim the "faithful and discreet slave" is a channel through which the truth flows from Jehovah down to the average Witness. GB 61, Mark 9:38-42)

    Can you come to Christ as your mediator?

    (Their answer is "no" for 99.7% of the Witnesses. GB 169)

    Has the organization made prophecies that have not come true?

    (Deut. 18:20-22. GB 62-82, 97-106)

    Have your doctrines changed significantly in the past history of your organization?

    (Reveals the uninspired source of their doctrine, as well as their effort to harmonize inconsistencies. GB 172)

    How long has this religion been around? Can this be demonstrated historically?

    ("According to the Bible, the line of witnesses of Jehovah reaches back to faithful Abel." Reasoning, p. 202. They thus try and make it appear as if the Jewish patriarchs and the apostles believed the same way they did, which can be proven false historically. Furthermore, they cannot point to any group or person in the last 2000 years that were "true" Christians, at least until Russell came along. Typical cult reasoning. GB 48)

    Does your religion sell anything to support itself?

    (2 Cor. 2:17 while the Watchtower denies selling its literature in more affluent countries, financial reports reveal that 67% of their income comes from the production and door-to-door sales of literature. They are dishonest in this respect. GB 121-128)

    The Witness may not even allow you to proceed beyond a few of these questions, as the questions are quite effective in convicting the Witness of inconsistencies and cultic attitudes. Yet, even so, you will have planted seeds of doubt that force them to either think more about what you have said and examine it further, or flee in fear, refusing to allow their mind to open up again on these questions.

    One who masters questions such as these actually need not even discuss the interpretation of other passages beyond what are included above. If the Witness admits to believing the above, you simply have to point out that these are the marks of many religious cults. Emphasize that true Christianity:

    * Should not fear any examination, and criticism, and need not forbid reading any other factual information.

    * Should interpret the Bible using sound, scholarly methods involving the examination of context, language and history.

    * That no other book but the Bible should be necessary (2 Tim. 3:16), and no special man or group of men should be needed to interpret it, as 1 John 2:27 tells us that the Holy Spirit will teach us all things.

    * Christianity has been around for 2000 years, and we can trace all the way back to its origins.

    * The church is to be supported by collections and offerings, and ministers have the right to be paid. (1 Tim. 5:17,18; 1 Cor. 9:14; 16:2)

    * True Christianity has Christ as its mediator, for ALL.

    * Jesus warns us against those who claim to be prophets, yet whose prophecies go unfulfilled.

    * All Christians have access to the same truths.

    * Truth is not afraid of error, nor the devil. Only the devil runs from the truth.

    The referencces GB are from my book, Thus Saith Jehovah's Witnesses


  • wanda
    wanda Click FILES on the left; next Free Bible Leaflets

  • wanda

    For those who can't leave just yet due to loved ones in it etc:

    Namely, you have already left the cult although not physically as in not attending, so for any loved one stay in at least for another 1-2 years but so as not to feel "helpless" and bored any longer, occasionally mail informative letters to people in other congregations and eventually to some in your own congregation including to your wife.

    Do not donate any more money to the Watchtower Society. Think creatively of ways to make it cost the Watchtower Society for every day of painful boredom they inflict on you.

    This way you will keep your loved ones.

    Eventually the informed loved ones may wish to leave the cult.

    You will have the joy of knowing you are helping set others on the path to exiting and in some cases it will happen quickly. Some of them in turn will spark more to exit.

    You will be helping to drain the pocketbooks of the cult.

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