Canadian Ex-JW Father Article In Forbes Magazine - Link and the Article

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  • wanda

    So now it's in Forbes as well as been on CNN. It's a Big News story the Watchtower wish to go away. Why not donate to his legal efforts to keep up the battle:

    CALGARY, Alberta (AP) - A grieving father says he will continue his fight against Jehovah's Witnesses and their prohibition of blood transfusions after a court decision partially cleared the way for a wrongful death lawsuit.

    Lawrence Hughes filed the 2004 claim as executor of the estate of his daughter, Bethany, who died from acute leukemia in 2002 at age 17 after repeatedly refusing conventional treatment because of the faith's teaching.

    A judge decided Hughes cannot proceed with claims against the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society because the court cannot arbitrate religious dogma. But Hughes can continue suing lawyers Shane Heath Brady and David Miles Gnam, Witnesses who represented Bethany, her mother Arliss and the Watch Tower.

    The judge said the lawyers were not in a position to advise Bethany objectively, so that she could make a free and informed decision. Brady called the ruling "silly."

    Hughes contends that the ruling means "a religious sect or cult can be held responsible for the injury they inflict on others, whether it relates to deliberately giving out misleading medical information or using institutional coercion." He said he might appeal the ruling so he can also proceed against the Watch Tower directly.

    Bethany's illness garnered attention across Canada and renewed public debate over the circumstances under which someone under age 18 should be able to decide on medical care.

  • wanda

    Contact Lawrence Hughes first by emailing him at [email protected] then ask him to give you his phone number to speak personally. He has a solid chance of winning but to do so needs funds for an attorney to keep pushing the case. The Watchtower hopes he'll quit and go away but his motivation is strong, to help keep other children (and adults) from senseless deaths.

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