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  • I-CH-TH-U-S

    2nd Timothy 2:3-4

    3 Endure hardship with us like a good soldier of Christ Jesus. 4 No one serving as a soldier gets involved in civilian affairs—he wants to please his commanding officer.

    how is this verse viewed at a KH, i know the JW's ive talked with have this whole anti-military thing. and in this verse uses the analogy of a soldier. now i also noted the next verse where there is a serperation of the soldier not being involved with civilian matters.

    Any thoughts?

  • cosmic

    Its a nice thought. There's been movies (Charles Bronson?) dealing with the solitude of professional killers and so forth. Like the boxing metaphor that Paul used on the Corinthians, the idea is to present it all in ways that the greatest listeners can relate to. Any speaker will do that, if they are good. No comedian does a show in Phoenix doing jokes about Tacoma, at least, not unless they're doing a one nighter, forever. Certainly, being singleminded about anything is a "key" to success, but how many scriptures can you think of that admonishes you to be "patient", or "humble", or "meek and mild"? And how many can you think of that tell you to be fearless, trusting in the unseen, ready to give up your life for an idea?

    The problem with the really cool scriptures that might fit any particular situation is that you can always find a half dozen or so to refute them. The purpose of a leader is not to shout orders or emote platitudes, it is to lead. That means to direct in a certain direction, maintain consistency, be cognizant of and uphold morale; but, most of all, to cause a unified movement for a single purpose. The problem with the Bible is not its content, it is the vaccuous nature of those for which it purports to speak.

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