A Long Overdue Thank-you To All

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  • GoingGoingGone

    This post is for everyone who posts here on JWD. I don't know if I can adequately express what I want to say, but I'm gonna give it a whirl....

    Leaving the WT is so hard. The last couple of years has been like an emotional roller coaster ride for me, and having this place to come to has been a lifesaver. The ride isn't over yet, but the place I am in now is sooo much better than the place I was in this time last year, and I credit JWD for a lot of that progress.

    I love the historical WTS threads. I've learned so much from the WT-doctorine threads. I've felt for all the people who give their personal experiences and ask for help. And I absolutely LOVE seeing people's personalities emerge in their comments... But lately, I've noticed a change in myself when I read some of the posts. I've been giggling like mad, or simply belly laughing at some of the comments.

    And this is news how, you ask? Well, I'm your perfect audience member... I'm a laugh-er. I've always found life quite comical. But as I burst out laughing at RunningMan's 1969 Assembly Trip post, I realized that it's been years since I've laughed like that. And I've been laughing quite a bit lately! It feels so good to be getting 'me' back.

    Now, I'm not just thanking the funny posters here. The healing process is so multi-fasceted, and there is so much that I've read and learned, posted by so many different people, that has helped so much in that process. So.... THANK YOU ALL!!! And most of all, THANK YOU SIMON. I know you've heard it before, but you're helping more people than you could ever know.


  • daystar

    Woot! Good to hear! We do have some really funny... er, humorous people here!

  • juni

    That's good GGG!!

    There's some real comedians here that missed their calling. But are you sure you're not just going crazy? Only kidding.

    Juni :)

  • GoingGoingGone
    But are you sure you're not just going crazy?

    Haha juni!! Yeah, the jury's still out on that one...

    And yes, some of the people here are hysterical!


  • bythesea

    Well, GGG, you're kind of a hoot yourself!!! But then I've come to know the "other" you!!!

    But, I agree with your sentiments as far as the board being a safe place to reconfigure one's life when fading(as we are), get new perspectives and just educate ones mind and have a good laugh on occassion!! I add my thanks along with yours!!


  • vitty

    And thanks to you GGG

    This is something I have also found. I remember a sister saying to me years ago that I looked sad. I was really surprised because I never went to the KH with a face on. She said it was in my eyes

    I now know what she meant, even though really sad things have happened recently and its not been an easy ride, leaving the borg, im not that person anymore more. I feel happy, I think its because I feel ive been given a second chance, a chance to live now, in the present and I feel I have a future. I feel my personallity is started to come back and im starting to like myself. I feel free, (well not completly, as Im fading) LOL But its nice to decide for yourself how to FEEL

    So I too would like to thank this site and everyone on it

  • greendawn

    That's the good thing about forums the knowledge resources and competences of many ppl can be pooled together for a greater effect in learning new things. A question has a very good chance of being answered.

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