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  • vitty

    Ive bought a new pulse reader, it seems quite good. I measured my pulse while I was sitting at a stop traffic light and my pulse read 61, the lowest reading Ive had.

    And does anyonw know what the normal resting reading and does anyone know what the average reading would be for walking ?

  • Legolas

    What Is A Normal Heart Rate?

    A Resting Heart Rate anywhere in the range of 60 - 90 is considered in the normal range. Your Heart Rate will fluctuate a lot depending on such factors as your activity level and stress level. If however, your pulse is consistently above 90, you should consult with your physician. This condition is called tachycardia (increased heart rate).

    Many athletes have pulse rates in the 40 - 60 range, depending on how fit they are. In general, a lower pulse rate is good. Sometimes however, one's heart rate can be too low. This is known as bradycardia and can be dangerous, especially when blood pressure gets too low as well. Symptoms include weakness, loss of energy and fainting. If this situation applies, medical attention should be sought immediately.

    If the pattern of beats or throbs you count is irregular (i. e. a beat is missed) take your pulse for a full minute. If you experience irregularities in your pulse on a consistent basis, you should consult with your personal physician.

    Many factors influence heart rate. These include emotions, temperatures, your position or posture (sitting, standing, laying down), and your body size (if you are overweight for your size, your heart will have to work harder to supply energy to your body).

  • Dismembered

    Great Info Legolas! Thanks


  • vitty

    Thanks Legolas

    Ive just started exercising again, so need to know my pulse rate!

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