Did You Renew Your Music Collection?

by James Free 8 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • James Free
    James Free

    After I DA'd myself I went out and bought the music I had been told to destroy in the past - Queen, ELO and the Eagles. How about you, and what did you get?

  • snarf

    Heck ya! Nothing better than old school Motley Cru or Kiss jammin on the cd player when you are cruisin.

  • Legolas

    I didn't get music..But I did get Tarot Cards and a book called Discover Your Psychic Powers, A Practical Guide to Psychic Development & Spiritual Growth And I will be buying lots more!

  • Nosferatu

    When I was studying with the goofball brother, he told me to throw out my Led Zeppelin and Guns N Roses. He told me about how he threw out his Nirvana Unplugged album. I didn't listen to him.

    Instead, I just dove more into heavier and more questionable stuff. I picked up a Blue Oyster Cult compilation and fell in love with it. I think it was purely because of the song content and titles:

    Transmaniacon MC
    Cities On Flame With Rock and Roll
    Career Of Evil
    Burnin' For You
    Dominance & Submission
    Death Valley Nights

    Man, just thinking of those songs brings back memories. All those songs would be "questionable" and "frowned upon", and I loved all of them. They were so anti-JW, it was refreshing. I completely indulged in Blue Oyster Cult around the time of my exit, and continued to do so.

  • anewme

    Oh yes! Why not? Your mind asks what if I never got involved with this group? Lets see, where was I when life got interrupted? Oh yeah I was young and hot and looking forward to life and a career!!!

    I came in in 1972. I gave up all my music after the pioneer sister went through all my albums!
    I even gave up the radio and T.V! Oh I was determined to be holy holy!

    Do you realize I missed all the music from 1972----------------2002?????

    No kidding.

    I met and married a man with a fine collection and he is filling me in on the music history I missed.

  • Nosferatu

    Okay, I had to pull out those songs to relive how good they made me feel. Here's some of the "questionable" lyrics:

    Transmaniacon MC: "Those who did resign their souls to Transmaniacon MC"

    Cities On Flame: "My heart is black and my lips are cold..... My ears will melt and then my eyes"

    Career Of Evil: "I'd like to do it to your daughter on a dirt road"

    Burnin' For You: "I'm living for giving the devil his due"

    Dominance & Submission: The evil way Albert Bouchard keeps saying "Submission! SUBMISSION!"

    Death Valley Nights: "Bleached by the sun, and scortched by the moon..... 'tween the horror of space and the terror of time"

    Boy, did Satan ever have a good hold on me!

  • Dan-O

    "Do you realize I missed all the music from 1972----------------2002????? "

    Look at the bright side: you were spared from Captain & Tenille's "Muskrat Love".

  • daystar

    I was lucky. My parents were non-confrontational in this aspect. Plus, by the time I enjoyed any music that might be found objectionable I was mostly out anyway, and was exceptional at hiding my stash. (Had to be as my mother should have been a detective rather than a homemaker. She is always on the lookout for someone to screw up.)

  • Dismembered

    Greetings James Free

    Yes I did. Back in the 80's I threw away about 50 albums which were important to me. You should have seen the "shit eating grin" the "elder" who influenced my decision had when I told him I took his adviced and threw them away. He all but had an orgasm. It sickens me to this day. To think I allowed that effen fat head to cause me to do that. I've since replaced them all with cd's.

    Cults Suck


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