Thinking about Where's George-type Scenarios

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    So I was thinking about phenomena/social cooperatives like,, etc.

    (in case you aren't familiar, these things all essentially allow a person to track things and see where they go and also in part allow people to connect and interact).

    Anyway I was wondering whether it might be fun to do a JW spin or even just a Christian spin to it - if it doesn't exist yet. I was thinking one possibility might be to use small Bibles (maybe even like just Gideon Bibles and encourage the person to read a chapter and pass their bible on to a stranger. they would log on and indicate what they read, and why or whatever comments they would like to make, etc. where they got it or found it and where they left it, etc. From a Christian perspective that could just be a nice way of spreading the Gospel you know.

    So then as far as a JW thing I was wondering whether it would be possible to see how far an Awake! or Watchtower might travel or maybe a publication.

    It might be possible to create a chain-letter type of thing to leave a testimony regarding any issue that you like whether it be Blood, Child Abuse, or whatever (but I don't think those kinds of things would be very fun and I am not sure it would go far).

    Anyone have any ideas about adding either a pro-JW or anti-JW spin to the whole Where's George-type situation?

    -Eduardo Leaton Jr., Esq.

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