Death of the anointed

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  • Chia

    Well, I thought I was doing better but I guess I was wrong!

    Last night I found out that a sister I loved dearly passed away. She died of cancer. I've known her all my life, and it makes me very sad for that reason alone. But her death also troubles me. She was a member of the anointed (do I even believe that anymore?) and her death has brought all kinds of questions and confusion for me. Is she in heaven right now? Does that mean Armageddon is coming closer? Do I go to the funeral or not? That was rendered a moot point because it's at 2:00 today, and it just doesn't give me enough time to talk to my boss about it. Add in the fact that I'm not dressed properly, and going back to the KH gives me heebie jeebies, and it's a total no-brainer. I can pay my respects to her without having to go there. I'm probably going to write her family a card. But I feel so confused and lost and sad.

    Has anyone else been in this situation? How did you cope?

  • Dismembered

    Hi Chia

    Sorry to hear about your dear friend. Just remember that the idea that we would not see death in our lifetime is due to the teachings we have been subjected to by Watchtower. So even if we've distanced ourselves from the teachings, they still have far reaching effects (IMO) on our psyche. Especially when dear one we know die unexpectedly.

    I've recently had the same kind of news twice in less than a month. We've sent cards of condolences. But I, personally, refuse to go listen to the JW bunk about the monopoly they think they own regarding death. Send flowers and a card.


  • unclebruce
    I can pay my respects to her without having to go there

    Spot on Chia, JW funerals are the pits anyway. No dignity and an opportunity to preach. Loved ones are best remmembered in a quiet place without the sensory overload.

    cheers, unc.

  • Chia

    Thanks, guys.

  • James Free
    James Free

    a JW funeral is not about paying respect to the departed one. It is used as an opportunity to preach. Choose a quiet moment to reflect on their lives. Sorry to hear about your loss.

  • greendawn

    This seems to be a person that you were attached to and liked very much, I suppose she treated you well though you are inactive (or disassociated?) but unfortunately the JW teaching about the annointed has no real biblical basis and they are not even making it clear how they arrived at this dogma that shuts most JWs out of the New Covenent. Therefore you shouldn't use it as a basis to draw any conclusions.

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