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    hi! I follow the example of a fellow poster and want to express my gratitude for all the input I got on my story. I appreciate that. Things are going really well now. I’ve told two colleagues at my work on myself being gay, and they both responded wonderfully. I still haven’t told my children and witness family, so the "hard ones" remain. I have , however, become much stronger in the past weeks so I am sure I´ll cope somehow. I had the most amazing experience last Friday. I went to a social gathering of my Late bloomers group, and besides meeting some from "my" group I also met some from the previous group. It turned out that four of them actually know my favourite colleague. And this is quite a coincidence, after all the odds aren’t that big that in a group of 9 people, six know the same person in a region of a million people! The one I got the best contact with, actually works so close from my work that I can watch his place of work. On Sunday, my colleague at work (a wonderful woman) and this man will go the movies together. (Brokeback again of course). I saw it alone last time, and so did he, so it would be nice to be able to digest and be able to talk about it. So right now I am really happy cause life is on track again. If those who initially responded to me in pm’s would drop a line or two I’d only be very happy for that! Have a nice week all of you. Morty.

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