Your Favorite New Music Videos

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  • daystar

    There are various places where you can link to music videos online. I won't be much help with anyone else finding links to their favorites.

    But tell us what you favorite music videos these days are!

    Mine is this one from a group most of you have never heard of (big surprise), name Sigur Ros. Every time I watch this video, I can't help but my eyes tear up.

    Click on the link above and it should just open Windows Media Player to begin the video.

    Let me know what you think about it as well!

  • tijkmo

    brilliant...thanx for sharing..i'm gonna listen to more of sigur ros

  • Brigid

    I have heard of this band (remotely)--I believe I actually have one of their CD's (gift from a friend).

    What is the name of the song? I can't get the link to work and I want to look it up on Yahoo.


  • daystar

    Try here - There are some other videos of theirs there as well.

    The name is glósóli.

  • Brigid

    Haunting and achingly beautiful. Made me want to fly.


  • loathjw

    My favorite is Ludicras--"Get back, get back, you don't know me like that".

    I sing along while thinking about the JWs in my life--FOR GOD'S SAKE, SHUN ME ALREADY!

    I'm seriously thinking of becoming a witness, just so I can become disfellowshipped and get left alone forever.

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