Every day in shades of grey: the pointedly wearisome life of a JW

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  • valkyrie

    Okay, I admit, this is a little random, but I came across this blogger's space and was so struck by the sheer busy-ness and pointed weariness of her day-to-day activities and outlook on what could be a beautiful life. Just thought I'd share it with you. Do you see your previous lifestyle reflected herein?


    From a JW's blog at http://spaces.msn.com/mitlemoi/ titled, "The Rants of a Mom of ALL Boys!!"

    30 November
    Wow! It's been like FOREVER since I blogged. DOes that tell you how busy I am?? I get up every morning at 6:30, get Isaac up, dressed, fed, and out the door by 7:15. I volunteer at the school until around 9am every morning....and then I'm off for home to teach Luke. Luke and I spend about 2 to 3 hours a day doing school work. I usually make lunch, get something ready for supper or put in the my favorite thing...the crock pot! Then about 2pm it's back to the school to get Isaac. I usually go in and help get all the kids up (they still do naps down here in Kindergarten!) help them get their coats on, shoes tied...etc. We usually arrive home around 3pm. I get Isaac a snack, do whatever I have to for supper. Plop down with my mail, and email, and shuffle thru that. Clean house, study for meetings, organize anything for the next day....then around 5:30 Barry is home, it's time to get supper on the table....eat...clean up....and then if it's meeting night....dressed and out the door! On Th nights....we don't get home until around 9:30pm....so it's a late night. Imagine me....saying it's a LATE night at 9:30???? Ms. Night Owl! I cannot belive that I am usually in bed and asleep by 11pm! Oh, well...it's helps that I still take my meds every night at 8:30...or I wouldn't be sleeping at all! So...not ignoring keeping up with the blogging.....just too darn busy! Not much new here...just trying to get thru the winter/slower months with work. So far it's been going good and as long as we keep throwing our burdens on Jehovah and the bible tells us to do...we'll be fine!
    28 October
    I'm so slow!!
    I tell ya...I don't get on here like I should. Wait....maybe I'm on here too much? Either way...I need to keep it updated for family up NORT! I should be adding more pictures in the next couple of days too. I got some new ones of Isaac and his class. He's so cute!!...not that I'm partial or anything! We had our Circuit Assembly last weekend and it was wonderful!! So much spiritual food...yum..yum..yum! Our District Overseer is Bro. Wells....who use to be in Minnesota and Wisconsin...and he is such an amazing speaker that you find yourself hoping his talk lasts all day! He has such excellend illustrations too. Simply incredible! Jehovah sure uses him in such an amazing way! Not much new here....just plugging along in this old world. Barry's been incredibly busy which is good...but I sure do miss him too. Most couple argue less when they spend little time together, but it's the opposite with me and Barry....we argue much more when we don't see each other. I guess that's a good thing, huh? heehee Well....we are going to Tim and Anita's for supper tonight to see their new gas fireplace and to play some games. Should be fun! I have to go get ready!
    04 October
    Tonight is treat night at the book study, but I have no idea what to bring!! I think I'm just going to bring chips and dip because everyone seems to be getting tired of sweets. I for one prefer salty things, so chips is good for me! My computer is giving me some troubles, and thankfully this brother in my hall, Greg, has given me some great advise...but I still feel like I'm not getting it all. I did the crap cleaner (ccleaner.com) and the spy ware and ad aware things...but now I'm having troubles with my Norton!! Today when I got my email it said that Norton couldn't scan some of my email?? I guess I might need to just break down and have the brother over and see what he can do. Also...when I shut down my computer it takes forever!! I get pop up windows asking me to 'end now' some programs. I tend to think I am pretty computer savy...but other times...I'm totally retarded!! Well....I better go and get supper on so we can make it to book study on time! Ciao!!!
    03 August
    Son and school
    My son is in Kindergarten this year...and HATES it!! He would rather stay home with mom. His first 'official' day was today and he didn't want to even get out of the car! So...I carried him in and even stayed for a bit. I snuck out when they all had a bathroom break. I went early to pick him up because Ms. Vickie (his teacher) asked if I could come and help get all the kids shoes on and such. Well, I found out that Isaac had a fit! He was fine after I left, and did good...until nap time! I think I cry as much as him...it's horrible having to put your kids into the world!!
    01 August
    Busy August!!
    Wow...hard to believe that August is here already!! Where did the year go to already? August is going to be such a busy month for us. 1. Isaac starts school at Rickman. Long story short....I'm burnt out with homeschooling. He isn't excited at all about going. 2. My sister and her family are coming down for a week's visit. Woohoo! 3. We are going to Nashville for a family reunion for 5 days. There will be about 32 of us there...should be fun!! Going to go to Nashville Shores waterpark too. 4. Going to Atlanta for a SWR (Spell to Write to Read) seminar for 4 days! This is to help Luke and his reading. 5. My mom and step-dad will be here the end of the month for a visit too!! Wow! So...you see it's going to be a busy, eventful month. We are so looking forward to all the activity, but I'm sure we'll need a break when the month is over. I'm still hoping my dad decides to come down this fall. He's talked about it, but it would be great to see him.
    16 July
    Up late...and hating it!!
    I hate not being able to sleep!! If I don't take my evening med before 9pm...I don't get to sleep until nearly midnight...or later! I use to not mind staying up late, I even still consider myself a night owl....but I just don't function the next day as well as I'd like. For example....didn't take my med that early yesterday either and getting up for service this morning was so hard!! I know tomorrow morning getting up for meeting is going to be a killer too!! ARGH!!
    15 July
    Weekend...and some ranting
    Why does it always feel better when the weekend is right around the corner? ...Yea, I don't know either!! LOL My DH (darling husband) had a kidney stone about 6 weeks ago. We took him to the hospital, and he was better and all was good. However, we do not have health insurance. We make too much money to qualify for TennCare, and we make too little to really afford coverage. (Also, TennCare is almost bankrupt, so what good would it do anyway??) Now...the bills for the ER visit have arrived!! ARGH!!! Can you believe that a 2 hour ER visit would cost over $2000??? What surpirses me the most is that we have to pay twice for certain services...such as the CT scan. First...it was over $900 for them to just perform the scan...but then it is another $500 for someone to 'read' the scan! Then, you have one doctor, but they decide to get another doc's opinion...and you have to pay over $200 for that 'opinion'?? What a circus!! Does this all mean better care? Hardly!! Okay...okay...I'm venting...but it's just so proposterous! I tell you...I am so looking forward to the new system!! I hate this system so much...and will miss nothing in it! Hugs!!!
    27 June
    DC Time!!!

    WOW!! This coming weekend it our District Convention! I'm really looking forward to it. It's in Huntsville, AL...and we are camping. There is a great campground right next to the Space & Rocket Museum. It has full hook-ups and is really cheap!

    We start the Daniel Book in our Book Study again too...and I honestly didn't think I would be looking forward to going over a book that we've studied before....but, then I got thinking......The last time we went over the Daniel book I hardly remember it!! It must have been right after I had Isaac and I was such a basket case. (Oh, okay....that's nearly everyday!! HA)

    Have a great time at your DC....and I'll post after the Conventiion!!


  • anewme


    I want to take that poor sister and tell her the truth!!!!

    Oh my! I did see myself in her blog.

    I was so busy like her with very mundane things and trying to be cheerful and upbuilding to all.

    But how her inability to sleep and need for medication and her statements about going crazy with homeschooling and never seeing her husband and their lack of medical insurance is a telling forecast of future troubles to come!!!! Yikes!!!!!

    The last time I was in a KH the mental anguish and depression in the room was PALPABLE!!!!

  • luna2

    Ouch! I couldn't even read all of that. Poor, poor thing. Ugh.

  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    Poor brainwashed woman, what a life, what is so sad is that I see myself in there not to that degree though, but always running and getting nowhere. The negativity of living in "this old system" is terrible, and absolutely conducive to deppression and a host of other stress related disorders. I remember so well feeling like that not too long ago, you feel like you just can't wait for this system to be over, with all the pressures and Satan lurking like a raging lion, and all that BS!

    Now on the other hand, I feel like a million bucks, looking forward to life and enjoying everyday, planning for the future and enjoying my family. Life is beautiful and I am living it to the fullest so is my family (those my husband and I have helped out of the lie)!


  • stillAwitness

    Ah yes, the memories..hell, what am I talking about...that still my life now except this time its not a "whole-souled service" to Brooklyn just half-ass.

    I am not surprised that she home-schools the older child and the one who "hates" kindegarten will soon be home-schooled by 3rd grade I bet even though the majority of parents who home-school their kids are nowhere near qualified. That was always a big trend when I was growing up.

    So your child being in "kindergarten" is considered the "world" And I wonder why he hates it so much.

  • valkyrie

    Luna 2 wrote:

    Ouch! I couldn't even read all of that.

    I know...! I became dizzy whilst trying trying to follow her account of her activities! Under those circumstances, is it really possible to pay close attention to what one is imbibing at the trough? No wonder that implicit trust in one's handlers is so important!



    Wow.... sounds oddly familiar and sad.

    I was so busy like her with very mundane things and trying to be cheerful and upbuilding to all.

    Anewme this is a good description of Witless life, we were/are all on those little ferris wheel toys that the gerbils play with... what happened to "..my yoke is kindly, and my load is light" ??!?!!

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